Making digital synonymous with inclusive

Access to basic connectivity is key to realising PNG’s digital future.

The potential of e-commerce and mobile platforms to increase access to information, connect rural enterprises to new markets, empower the participation of women in the formal economy, and facilitate remote education and the delivery of healthcare services has been proven in other economies.

The digital opportunities for PNG, a country with remote and hard to reach communities, are exciting but realising the opportunities means concerted efforts to make basic connectivity affordable.

Accelerate efforts to expand access to basic infrastructure and public services.

PNG business leaders ranked investments in digital infrastructure as the top priority for the future growth. It is therefore encouraging that construction of the Coral Sea Cable and investments to increase the affordability, reliability and quality of broadband and mobile access in PNG are underway.

To enable a broader segment of the community to shape and participate in PNG’s digital future, PNG business leaders believe that the government should prioritise expanded access to high-quality education; more affordable high-speed internet access; reliable access to power and electricity; and improved transportation.

The question – given that infrastructure is primarily led by the government – is what role companies can or should play in improving inclusivity in PNG’s digital economy.

PNG businesses believe that they have a role to play in building an inclusive and digital economy.

In last year’s survey, they picked the following as the three most effective ways to develop local workforce: introduce continuous learning programmes, pursue public-private sector initiatives and increase public sector investment in the education system.

In this year’s survey, they believed that their businesses are making positive contribution to expanding worker protections, raising minimum wages, increasing access to healthcare and improving access to high-quality education at all levels.

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