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Redefining business success in a changing world

A Papua New Guinea perspective

PwC's Global CEO Survey

Find out what's top of mind for PNG CEOs in 2016 with our in-depth analysis of this year's Global CEO Survey. Understand the issues that they think are key to succeeding in the future, and how they differ from their global peers.

This report highlights the responses of CEOs from PNG questioned as part of PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey. In presenting the views of PNG’s top CEOs we have modelled the responses to align them with the presentation of the global data. The aim is to be able to provide a snapshot of how and in which circumstances PNG’s CEOs mirror the views of the global group and allow readers to also identify some of the key local trends and views.

Generally, our CEOs share similar insights as their global peers on many topics. Perhaps this is not surprising given the inter-connected nature of businesses and the impact of global economic trends on PNG’s own economy. But there are clear indications of where the balance of local concerns differs from the global average. Key concerns such as the government response to deficits as well as exchange rate volatility are prime examples. However, digging a little deeper, PNG’s CEOs also place more emphasis than their global peers on aspects such as the good health and wellbeing of the workforce and the impact of their operations on local communities and the general public.

As a result, this report can be read as a standalone presentation. For a more nuanced interpretation of the views of PNG’s CEOs, please consider this report in conjunction with the complete global version of PwC’s 19th Annual CEO Survey.

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