Nurturing greenshoots

It’s about education, awareness and participation. "Digital transformation is important to PNG from both a business and social view point, it will allow the economy to evolve in line with our global trading partners. This will allow us to do business smarter."

Robert Nilkare, Country Manager, PNG, New Britain Palm Oil Limited

Ways to alleviate this situation to ensure that companies have the talent and people they need to become digital champions.

Training and education

87% of business leaders think that the government needs to do more in training STEM professionals in PNG.

Encourage people to participate in the digital economy

Digital business sector development and programmes to encourage people to participate in the digital economy can raise awareness of opportunities and catalyse a new generation of workers to support the digital aspirations of PNG businesses.

Accelerator programmes

Initiatives such as the Kumul Gamechangers are designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs with solutions to problems in sectors such as agriculture, fishery, financial services, renewable energy, healthcare, water and sanitation and education.

New platforms

Platforms such as the 2018 APEC app challenge create new avenues for development. The winning solution was Biluminous, a PNG app designed to help local weavers of bilums to connect with more customers and to grow their business.


Multinational companies and leading local businesses also have a role to play in helping local MSMEs and startups build capacity and scale up. In fact, our survey found that 32% of PNG business are supporting startups by investing in them.

What PNG can do to encourage entrepreneurship and small businesses?

Help small business help themselves

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