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Economy Alert: Nigeria 2016 Q1 GDP


In this document we discuss; - GDP growth in Q1’ 2016 - Real GDP Growth (2014-2016) - Sector Contributions to GDP Growth 2016 Q1 - Highlights of the Manufacturing and Service sectors and - 2016 Prospects

Advisory Outlook May 2016


There is a more fundamental impact that external medical tourism has on the nation -asides the loss of foreign exchange-;"The loss of value for the local healthcare system".

Advisory Outlook May 2016- Thriving in a troubled economy


The changing dynamics in Nigeria's economic climate Uncertainty has engulfed the Nigerian economy, and as the government grapples with how best to bring stability to the system, businesses continue to struggle with the challenges being thrown their way on a seemingly daily basis.

Tax Bites May 2016:When does doing business in another country cross the tax line?


The document gives a detailed description of the "BEPS Action 7: Permanent Establishments" and the OECD's plan to limit the ability of Non-Resident Companies (NRC) to artificially avoid tax in foreign countries where they carry on business.

Restoring Trust to Nigeria's Healthcare System


So, why are patients travelling abroad for healthcare? It is tempting to attribute much of this to lack of local facilities, inability to perform procedures locally and high costs charged where services are available. While this is true in some cases, the data might suggest that there is a more fundamental problem that's driving patients to seek care outside Nigeria.

Pension at State Government Level: The New Era


This document aids our understanding of the Contributory Pension Scheme at state level and how PwC can help state governments achieve full compliance

Tax Watch April 2016- Taxation in the digital economy


The existing international tax rules assume that you need a certain level of physical presence (an office, a factory, a workshop etc.) in a foreign country before you can make any significant or stable revenues. Once you have this physical presence (otherwise known as a Permanent Establishment or PE for short), you are required to pay tax in the foreign country.

Economy Alert - April 2016-: Nigeria-China Discussions


Two key highlights emerged from President Muhammadu Buhari’s week-long visit to China. First was China’s offer of a loan estimated at $6 billion to fund infrastructure projects across the agricultural, solid minerals and industry sectors. Second was the announced currency swap agreement by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Advisory Outlook April 2016- the Truth about Costs


Businesses need to put together a programme which will bring more significant cost savings by 'doing with less' and 'doing things differently'.

Advisory Outlook March 2016: Infrastructure Development in Nigeria


It is glaring that Nigeria will not be able to sustain her current level of economic growth without enhancing her infrastructure. Investing in infrastructure will drive economic growth, provide jobs, and deliver vital services to the country and the majority of its citizens.