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20th CEO Survey: Anniversary specials
In the last 20 years technology alone has turned the business world upside down – but it’s only one of the global trends that have transformed our way of life. In this short animated video, Bob Moritz looks back at how the world has changed since 1998, when PwC launched its first global CEO Survey.

Winning in maturing markets
January 10, 2017. Growth Markets Centre's annual flagship publication ‘Winning in maturing markets’, focuses on understanding opportunities for private sector players across six key sectors in growth markets and highlights major capability areas to be developed by firms seeking to profitably address these opportunities.

Clarity from above: transport infrastructure
Drone technologies can be used at almost every stage in the transport infrastructure sector, starting from construction and investment monitoring, through maintenance, up to asset inventory.

The World in 2050
How will the global economic order change by 2050? This report sets out our latest long-term global growth projections to 2050 for 32 of the largest economies in the world, accounting for around 85% of world GDP. Watch our chief economist John Hawksworth’s 60 second overview video and explore further findings here.

2017 Global investor survey: Inside the mind of the investor... What's next?
February 27, 2017. Our 2017 Global Investor Survey compares the views of investment professionals and CEOs on the threats and opportunities facing companies today. The report focuses on globalisation and technology.

Women in Work Index: Closing the gender pay gap
The gender pay gap is still a major issue. The fifth update of the Women in Work Index provides our assessment of female economic empowerment across 33 OECD countries.  Our economists estimate that pay parity in these countries could mean a US$2 trillion increase in total female earnings. Explore more from our economists here.

Winning in maturing markets
Growth Markets Centre's annual flagship publication ‘Winning in maturing markets’, focuses on understanding opportunities for private sector players across six key sectors in growth markets and highlights major capability areas to be developed by firms seeking to profitably address these opportunities.

20th CEO Survey’s key findings in asset & wealth management industry: A new era of growth, disruption and opportunity
In the past 11 years alone, global assets under management have more than doubled from $37.3 trillion in 2004 to $78.7 trillion in 2015. Meanwhile, the wealth management industry has expanded rapidly, with Asia-Pacific’s private wealth growing fastest and quickly catching up with Europe’s. Is the wealth management industry preparing fast enough for the impact of globalisation and new technology?

20th CEO Survey’s key findings in the insurance industry: Embracing possibility, boosting innovation
Insurance is the industry most affected by disruptive change – based on the percentage of CEOs who are extremely concerned about threats to growth from over-regulation, speed of technological change, changing customer behaviour, and competition from new market entrants. Are insurers ready to embrace these disruptive changes? See their views here.

Choosing new strategic identities is essential

Winning the fight for female talent
How to gain the diversity edge through inclusive recruitment

We need to talk about the future of mining
A report that brings together insights and perspectives on the disruptive forces that could transform the mining sector

Private company view: Undaunted, but underprepared?
We’re living through unprecedented change: digitisation, globalisation, urbanisation and climate change. And in every market, businesses face new risks and new opportunities. Private companies are a vital part of these economies, and for the first time in five years, their self-confidence is higher than that of their public counterparts. So how do CEOs of private companies see the world of 2017?

2017 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study
PwC's 13th annual State of the Internal Audit Profession study shows that internal audit functions are losing ground in trying to keep pace with stakeholder expectations. The survey is based on nearly 1,900 respondents from organisations headquartered in 41 countries. How can Internal Audit expedite its journey to meeting stakeholder expectations and become a trusted advisor by 2020?

The talent challenge: Harnessing the power of human skills in the machine age
In the age of the machine, people matter more than ever. PwC’s 20th CEO Survey ‘deep-dive’ into the talent findings looks at why the right mix of people and machines in the workplace - and the implications not only for business but for wider society - is the critical talent question of our age. Some organisations will need fewer people but others will need more - we will see a rebalancing of human capital as organisations adjust. So what should companies adjust in their talent strategies?

10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution
It isn’t often that the broad infrastructure that underlies industrial civilisation undergoes a dramatic transformation. But just such a change appears to be happening now. How can you ensure your company stands out in the new age of digitisation? Discover the insights from Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business.

Women in Tech: Time to close the gender gap
Our research with over 2000 students shows that the gender gap in technology industry starts at school and carries on through every stage of girls’ and women’s lives. Only 27% of female students we surveyed say they would consider a career in technology, compared to 61% of males, and only 3% say it is their first choice. Explore our detailed analysis and four actions the industry should take in our new report.

Software disruption accelerates
Software is expanding its reach beyond the traditional tech playground. This fourth article in our Global 100 Software Leaders series looks at how advances in software are transforming three major industries - industrial manufacturing, health care and financial services. What are the advantages of software-led transformation?

A turnround for the G7?
In April, policymakers will gather in Washington D.C. for the World Bank-IMF Spring meeting. Part of their discussions will focus on the recent uptick in economic activity in the leading (G7) advanced economies.

Leveraging the upcoming disruptions from AI and IoT
To realise the full potential of IoT enablement, companies need to combine IoT with rapidly-advancing Artificial Intelligence technologies, which enable ‘smart machines’.

Why AI and robotics will define New Health
Are consumers willing to use artificial intelligence for their care? We surveyed 11,000 people in 12 countries to find out. The report discusses the findings and the implications for the health industry.

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