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Thanks to software, we are not only living in a time of unprecedented innovation, but also one of unprecedented opportunity and uncertainty. This series of articles identifies today's leading software companies and goes on to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities impacting them.

Digital intelligence conquers the world below and the cloud above

The new edition of the PwC Global 100 Software Leaders ranking reveals the vendors who are taking advantage of both the evolutionary and revolutionary changes afoot in technology. While the cloud continues to underpin massive change, other trends are building on its capabilities to create opportunities in digital innovation, industrial capabilities and convergence within vertical markets.

Growth and innovation continue apace

Explore the topics

  • Evolution vs. revolution
  • Digital innovation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Convergence
  • The industrial software dilemma
US$22.4 bn

Total SaaS/PaaS revenues of top 50 software companies

Evolution vs. revolution

On the one hand we see a lot of evolution. The cloud, in the form of SaaS, PaaS or IaaS is becoming increasingly popular. There is also a revolution underway in software, characterised by what we call "software & [fill in the industry]".

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US$27.1 bn

Global Technology IPO proceeds in 2015

Digital innovation

A plethora of start-ups are taking advantage of the new world of technology to come up with ideas. Besides applications that take advantage of the sharing economy, the market is being flooded with everything from digital payment services to health care companies promoting in-home services. But established software companies aren't standing still when it comes to offering cloud-based options to customers.

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Industry 4.0 US$421 bn/year

Cost and efficiency gains

Source: PwC's Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Advances like cloud computing are driving other new capabilities. This is especially true of the Internet of Things. Intelligent devices require software, the ability to transmit data, a repository for data and the ability to analyse data. That's the cloud, analytics, connectivity and mobility all in one package.

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US$1 bn

VC investment in Blockchain start-ups through 2015

Source: Blog post by Raman Chitkara, Global technology leader, PwC


There's a revolution underway in software characterised by the idea of convergence. In whatever industry companies participate, there is an overwhelming presence of intelligent software. Companies that best leverage industry knowledge and software savvy will thrive.

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Industrial software US$6 tr

Spent on IoT solutions between 2015-2020

Source: PwC's Industrial Internet of Things

The industrial software dilemma

One need look no further than the millennial-targeted TV commercials of GE to know that it's repositioning itself to be a software and industrial company. Most manufacturing companies in the Fortune 100 are launching similar efforts. But tracking the kinds of revenues these industrial companies are forecasting is a challenge.

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