Tax consulting services on investment preferences

Kazakhstan offers a number of investment incentives to investors.

Types of investment preferences:

Qualifying industries:

  • Renewable energy;
  • Food production;
  • Pharmaceutical production;
  • Iron and steel industry;
  • Production of computers;
  • Production of automobiles;
  • Furniture production;
  • Construction;
  • Telecommunication;
  • Education;
  • etc.

Requirements for investment preferences:

  • be a legal entity registered in Kazakhstan;
  • carry out priority type of activities approved by the Government.
  • be a legal entity registered in a special economic zone; or
  • be an owner of a free bonded warehouse; or
  • be a legal entity implementing an industrial assembly of motor vehicles project.
  • be a legal entity registered in Kazakhstan creating new or modernizing existing production;
  • investment threshold of 2 mln. MCI (~USD 13.6 mln for 2021) or 5 mln MCI (~USD 34 mln for 2021) depending on certain conditions; for new productions in food and consumer goods industry – 1 mln MCI (~USD 6.8 mln for 2021);
  • carry out priority type of activities approved by the Government.
  • do not apply special tax regimes;
  • carry out priority type of activities approved by the Government;
  • qualify for investment threshold of 7.5 mln MCI (~USD 51 mln for 2021);
  • investment threshold of 15 mln MCI (USD 102 mln) is set to qualify for reduction of tax liabilities.

Medical products

TNK Silma (Enterosgel)

OTC medical product, innovative oral intestinal adsorbent (enterosorbent) that helps eliminate toxins, allergens and pathogens from the body.

Production of original pharmaceuticals and veterinary products based on organosilicon compounds. The company successfully implements and maintains GMP program.

Enterosgel – #1 on the Russian & CIS intestinal adsorbent market (DSM Group).

Enterosgel does not contain substances that can cause allergic or toxic reactions.

  • Enterosgel has been on the market for over 30 years. 
  • Our company has established partnerships in over 50 export countries, possesses the necessary certifications (GMP-0114-000175/17, GMP-0114-000176/17, ISO9001:2015).

Established: 1994
Turnover: USD 31M

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Vivax CJSC

Means for the oral cavity, rehabilitation and prophylactic means for the body, means for modeling the silhouette / anti-cellulite agents. 

An innovative Russian company that develops unique peptide technologies in order to improve health and living quality. 

We are unique provider of synthesized peptides complexes. These synthesized peptides are unique chains of amino acids which carry information about the proper functioning of cells. 

VIVAX products utilize advanced peptide technology which received the Nobel Prize in 1999 in the field of Biomedicine.

Established: 2005

Turnover: 925 000 USD

Advanced Technologies Ltd

Healthcare and Beauty. R&D in the field of natural sciences and nanotechnology. Production of nutritional supplements and healthcare cosmetics.

Nutritional supplements, healthcare cosmetics and disinfectant agents. 


  • Taxifolin aqua - nutritional supplement source of dihydroquercetin, 

  • Taxifolin gel - anti-inflammatory and regenerating gel,

  • Larix sibirica gel - anti-edema and anti-cellulite gel,

  • Silver dream - nutritional supplement with silver nanoparticles,

  • Barrier-Care - hand lotion with silver nanoparticles,

  • AgBion-2 - new generation disinfectant agent with silver nanoparticles,

Established: 2005

Medical devices

Vit Medical LLC

Devices for vacuum-instillation therapy of wounds

The company develops and manufactures a technology platform for the treatment of wounds. It also includes devices for vacuum therapy of wounds and vacuum-instillation therapy and a wide range of consumables, as well as a system for remote.

Monitoring and follow-up of patients. Products are an alternative to traditional dressings (bandages, dressings), surpassing traditional. means by 3-4 times in effectiveness.

2019 Year

Neurocor LLC

Rehabilitation and diagnostic equipment for medicine and sports.

Develop and produce the rehabilitation and diagnostic equipment for medicine and sports.  


  • neurophysiological devices and systems, 
  • complexes of clinical movement analysis and postural systems, 
  • rehabilitation equipment for movements training and walking skills recovery.

Our company possess certifications (ISO 13485) and is at the stage of CE registration.

Established: 2009




Production of a unique medical device for the treatment and prevention of acute respiratory infections in children. 

Our method consists in exposing the bacteria to blue light.

Our invention is aimed at fighting resistant bacteria

Established: 2011


SKB Telsi Ltd

Alarm systems for hospital wards

Our company is a leader on Russian market of nurse call systems. We are selling our systems for more then 20000 patients in Russia, Asia and Europe per year. 

Our company have  ISO9001-2015 certificates.

We have three types of systems, were could be combine in one or build separately: two-way speakerphones between nurse and patients, wire and wireless nurse systems.

All types of calls are indicating on corridor monitors, nurse consoles, computers, smartphones, mobile phones and pagers.

Five-year warranty for all products HostCall®. 

Established: 2009

Turnover: 3 000 000 USD

Scientific and Manufacturing Center Ogoniok CJSC

Orthopedic products

Development, manufacture and supply orthopedic product, technical means and medical equipment for rehabilitation, with over 30 years of experience.

  • Orthoses and technical means of rehabilitation for children and adults, Computer Based Medical Equipment
  • Development of the new rehabilitation technologies 
  • Rehabilitation patients with cerebral palsy, spinal disraphism, traumatic brain injury and strokes consequences

We own more than 15 patents. Our clinical trials have published on several high profile medical journeys in Russia.

Our holding has more than 30 distributors in Russian regions.

Established: 1987

Turnover: USD 2 500 000

CJSC Trek-E Kompozit LLC


ZAO TREK E KOMPOSIT » Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the production of HIP endoprosthesis and tools for their installation . Manufacturing processes and quality control are organized in accordance with international standards. The company has a number of unique technologies that allow it to engage in export activities.

Total HIP joint endoprosthesis of cement and cementless fixation.


  • The femoral component (stem) 
  • The acetabular component (cup)
  • The acetabular component insert 
  • The head of the endoprosthesis 
  • Titanium tools 
  • Titanium blanks for stems

Established: 2015

Turnover: 500 000 USD


Kleiber Bionics LLC

Bionic prostheses

Kleiber Bionics develops and manufactures multi-functional upper-limb prostheses. Company carried out a full cycle of the local production on the territory of Moscow.

The production branch contains a machining area, EDM site, plastic injection molding stations, soldering equipment for small batch production and laboratory measuring equipment for tuning and debugging electronic components. 

To enter the international market, the company plans to introduce a production quality control system based according to ISO 13485-2011 for medical products.

Established: 2016

Company BW

Chemical Indicators for Sterilisation

Company BW, LLC is largest agency specialized for medical device and IVD product registration. We have accomplished more than 100 registrations according to new regulatory framework for manufacturers worldwide.

Our value proposition 

  • High-quality services; 
  • High competence of specialists within the company, each of which is responsible for a specific stage of the whole process; 
  • Involvement of qualified specialists with bioengineering background;
  • Chemical indicators work correctly. It is easy to determine whether the medical device was sterilized biologically or not.

Established: 2016 year
Turnover: 1 040 692 USD

A device based on proprietary EM impulse-based technology that makes sleep better: help you to fall asleep, see vivid dreams and wake up in excellent condition.

The device can be operated standalone or from a mobile phone app.

Established: 2018 

Turnover: 150 000 USD

We own the patent and started national phases is 4 countries.
We already have users in 14 countries and have business partnership requests from 9 countries.


Wheelchair for stairs

Developing and production of the high-technology stairs climbing electric wheelchairs. The caterpillar platform is needed to cross the stairs, ramps and other obstacles

Wheelchair can climb the stairs more than 20 cm height with slope more than 40 degrees absolutely independently. Smart safety system.

Established: 2017

Oral care products

Premier Product Ltd

PRESIDENT - an internationally renowned premium oral care brand.

We produce toothpastes, toothbrushes and oral care products in Italy and in Russia. As a recognized brand expert, we offer several product lines for FMCG distribution channel and professional line for PHARMA and DENTAL channels.

PRESIDENT is №1 premium brand in toothbrushes category and one of leaders in toothpaste category in Russia.

We provide our overseas distributors with competitive margin level and broad product mix for each sales channel.

Established: 2002

Turnover: USD 18 874 939,61 (2018)

Vivax CJSC

Means for the oral cavity, rehabilitation and prophylactic means for the body, means for modeling the silhouette / anti-cellulite agents. 

An innovative Russian company that develops unique peptide technologies in order to improve health and living quality. 

We are unique provider of synthesized peptides complexes. These synthesized peptides are unique chains of amino acids which carry information about the proper functioning of cells. 

VIVAX products utilize advanced peptide technology which received the Nobel Prize in 1999 in the field of Biomedicine.

Established: 2005

Turnover: 925 000 USD

IT/Digital health

Med Ray LLC

Radiology software 

Development of specialized software for the automatization of radiology diagnostic departments based on the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and the Radiological Information System (RIS) of the APC ArchiMed 

  • Most advantageous solutions in the market
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Continuous development of technology
  • Broad dealer network
  • Enhanced reliability of the system, which does not require ongoing maintenance

Established: 1994
Turnover: USD 2100000

Kapitalica (Intercosmetology) LLC

Mobile application for beauticians

Platform that consolidates cosmetologists and suppliers. We offer to our clients fast logistics, the widest range of products on the market and hundreds available educational programs  every month.

Our company is developer of mobile application InterCosmetology that generates more than 80% of sales. Our clients are cosmetologists, clinics and medical centers that need to order consumables for their activity.

Our mission is satisfy demands of every cosmetologist «in one door», but we plan to develop b2b market and consolidate foreign partners with Russian companies with the help of our platform.

Established: 2015

Turnover: 850 000 USD

Third Opinion LLC

SaaS Medical Imaging Analysis Platform

Services for medical image analysis.  Includes neural networks for:

  • blood cells and bone marrow,
  • x-rays of the lungs, mammograms
  • fundus images
  • Dental X-Ray

Our value proposition

  • speeds up the decision-making process for urgent cases
  • will allow you to route patients within the medical institution effectively,
  • will contribute to the transparent formation of a check on the cost of treatment
    • 30+ pilots in Russia (hospitals, Tuberculosis Clinic, Cancer Treatment Centers, etc)
    • Integration with PACS and viewer developer in September 2019
    • Partners in US, UAE

Established: 2017
Turnover: 10 000 USD

Advalange LLC

Software Development Partner

International safety-critical high-end software developer for medical and laboratory industries.

  • more than 40 completed projects
  • international revenue – 50%
  • government scientific projects – 35%
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified by TUV SUD Germany.

We provide full-cycle software development service and can join your project on every stage.
Development of embedded software and applications according to
FDA/CDRH 510(k), IEC 62304, ISO 14971, ISO 13485,

  • software prototyping;
  • software development;
  • independent software verification and validation;
  • software testing automation;
  • software re-engineering;
  • certification assistance.

Established: 2015
Current Revenue: 2-2.2M EUR  


Star Smile LLC

Transparent polymer mouth guards for occlusion correction

Star Smile manufactory and supply individual Aligners for orthodontics treatments. Aligners it is Brackets alternative.

Digital design including IT production system for Aligners manufactures -Individual Aligners.

We successfully completed more than 28 000 Aligners treatment.

We are unique company with do not provide only Aligners design and IT solution, we have extensive Aligners manufactory experience which help us provide high quality service.

  • We have partners more than with 16 countries.
  • We are biggest Aligners manufactory in Russian market.

Established: 2012
Turnover: 5 mln USD

Special Economic Zones (“SEZ”)

  • 0% CIT on profit from SEZ priority types of activities;
  • 0% Land Tax;
  • 0% Property Tax;
  • 0% VAT for realisation of goods fully consumed within SEZ priority types of activities;
  • No land use fees;
  • No import customs duties up to 15 years.

Applicant should:

  • be a legal entity;
  • carry out approved priority type of activities of particular SEZ;
  • not apply special tax regimes (for small and agro business, farming);
  • not involve in Investment Priority and Strategic projects.

Full cycle support:

Preliminary analysis:

  • Performance of a feasibility analysis to understand if your project is eligible for investment incentives;
  • Development of a strategy and road map for implementation of the project;
  • Assistance with preliminary negotiations with the competent Government authorities.

Application to investment incentives:

  • Assistance with development of a business plan, investment program and other required documents;
  • Preparation of an application form, collection and compiling of other required documents;
  • Submission of application form and required documents to the competent Government authorities;
  • Follow-ups on the status of application and documents with competent Government authorities;
  • Assistance with preparing answers/clarifications/comments on the questions/requests from competent Government authorities on application forms/documents.

Conclusion of investment contract:

  • Assistance with negotiation of investment contract with the competent Government authorities;
  • Development of step plan on your obligations under investment contract;
  • Further supports related to fulfilling your obligations and compliance under investment contract.

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