Sustainable development

We can help companies to develop and implement sustainability principles according to corporate goals, as well as the expectations of stakeholders (e.g., shareholders, investors, employees, regulatory authorities, etc.).

Companies around the world today are paying much attention to corporate social responsibility and compliance with sustainability principles throughout the value chain. Success in business is not just measured by how much is earned, but also by how revenue is generated. Through actively managing sustainability, a business can manage its risks more efficiently while also strengthening its trademark and corporate reputation. Furthermore, sustainability enables companies to differentiate lines of business and save costs, as well as secure competitive advantages.

Implementing sustainable development provides companies with the following benefits:

Enhanced operations, compliance and risk management:

  • Integrated assessments of business’ impact on the environment, society and economy;

  • Sustainability compliance;

  • Sustainability risk management;

  • Transaction support (e.g., deal-related sustainability reviews).

Improved efficiency in stakeholder engagement:

  • Non-financial reporting based on GRI and IIRC standards;

  • Identifying and prioritising key issues in terms of stakeholder needs;

  • Developing stakeholder engagement programmes;

  • Embedding sustainable development principles into supply chain management.

Enhanced information transparency through the development of corporate non-financial reporting systems:

  • Non-financial reporting;
  • Independent assurance for non-financial reports.

Sustainability leadership/reinforcing long-term value:

  • Corporate sustainability strategies, as well as development and implementation of management systems;
  • Putting responsible investment principles in place.


Almaz Sadykov

Partner, Sustainability Platform Leader in Eurasia, Almaty, PwC Kazakhstan

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Akbota Askanbay

Director, ESG practice at risk assurance services, PwC Kazakhstan

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