Technology is one of the most important factors driving innovation and business transformation. Not coincidentally, companies that understand the strategic significance of technology have been the most successful at integrating it into all facets of their business. Companies are investing in technology to meet their business objectives and working to create ecosystems that can connect people, information and processes.

However, this is not an easy thing to do. Every sector of the economy is unique, with its own opportunities and constraints. It is critical, therefore, that companies align their IT strategies with their overall objectives. For this reason, IT must be carefully managed.

Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices, we are ready to help you develop and improve your IT strategy.

Our services and solutions are informed by widely accepted standards and backed up by our time-tested methods, ensuring the high quality of our services.

Why you may need it?

  • Your IT function can not fulfil your businesses’ needs and requirements, you want to have it improved.
  • You need to make sure that your new business strategy will be fully supported by proper IT systems and technologies.
  • You want to know what IT related risks your business faces and need an advice on mitigating those risks.
  • You have regulatory requirements in IT governance area that you need to comply with.
  • You plan to implement a critical information system and want to manage all key risks related to the implementation.
  • You cannot afford own project office and need an external project management service.
  • You just upgraded your information system and want an independent party to check whether the project was done with due care, all required functionality and controls are in place and data were migrated correctly from the old system.    

What you will get?

  • IT Governance framework which is in line with the best practices and latest developments, and related regulating documents.
  • Understanding of IT related risks that your organisation faces and advice on how to handle these risks.
  • Your IT strategy / IT Roadmap aligned with business strategy and plans.
  • Effective IT function with defined processes and implemented policies and procedures.
  • Key risks related to system implementation are timely identified and managed.
  • Project runs smoothly in accordance with proven project management methodology.
  • New/upgraded system functionality, embedded controls, interfaces and reports are checked for correctness.
  • Independent assurance on complete and correct data migration from an old system to a new one is obtained.

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Senior Manager, Information Security and Information Technologies, PwC Kazakhstan

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