Fraud Investigation

Fraud – along with regulatory irregularities – is one of the biggest and most damaging risks businesses face. Our team draws from experienced investigators, forensic accountants, corporate intelligence specialists, forensic computer experts, economists, certified fraud examiners – to name only a few.

AML compliance trainings

  • Reducing overlaps between scenarios
  • Capturing of all cases resulting in SAR
  • Generating reasonable amount of alerts that can be investigated
  • Improving precisions of predictions
  • Maintaining transparency and comprehensiveness of methods and outcomes
  • Utilizing expert knowledge and allowing manual inputs

Sanctions testing

Focusing on your specifics and determining the most suitable testing approach, we tailor our testing approach to address your needs. Using our proprietary application, we will:

  • create files to test agreed scenarios
  • upload them to your screening engine to test the performance of your filters
  • provide you with a comprehensive and independent interpretation of the results

Fraud and corruption risk assessment

  • Identify the inherent risks - By identifying the human components in an organisations’ value chain we identify vulnerabilities to corruption risk.
  • Controls Assessment - Based on the identified vulnerabilities we then assess the risks and their related controls.
  • Measure the Residual Risk Levels - We then prioritize the areas within the organization that have the greatest vulnerability and exposure to risk
  • Perform a Quantitative Assessment - The prioritized areas are then examined at a more granular level using a combination of data analytics, process reviews, and executive interviews.
  • Build a Remediation plan - We then develop improvement plans and importantly identify the relevant KPIs for on-going monitoring.

Services we offer

  • identifying fraud risks and developing measures aimed at addressing deficiencies in the control environment and information systems in order to reduce the risks
  • developing and implementing control procedures aimed at reducing the risk of fraud, enabling timely tracing and prevention of fraud in the company
  • vetting potential business partners and addressing conflict of interest situations
  • creating and optimising a “hotline”
  • helping build an effective fraud investigation service capability
  • developing an action plan if fraud has occurred

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