Corporate Intelligence

Do you rely on third party agents, intermediaries or distributors to do business at home or abroad? Are you looking to expand through mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures? We perform due diligence on individuals, management groups and organisations, evaluating their integrity, reputation and track record of performance. That involves collecting and analysing information that gives decision-makers crucial insights into current or potential business partners or transactions.

Third-party due diligence

We check the integrity of third parties (organisations and individuals), with a particular focus on bribery and corruption risks. We help you mitigate risks to build trust in new business relationships.

Economic status of third parties

The economic status of third parties, their payment record and ownership situation, are important information if you want to assess and mitigate the risks of projects, loans and investments. We help detect financial risks by running checks on the economic situation, creditworthiness and ownership structures of third parties.

Verification of key personnel of the parties

A formal employee verification from us will tell you whether a candidate for a vacancy merits your trust. Do this in good time and you will be protected from potential financial and reputational damage.

Integrity of news and red flags

Disinformation on the internet is increasingly widespread and damaging. Rumours, half-truths, exaggerated reports and fake news, designed to influence people and their political views or damage the communications industry, are rife. The perpetrators include governments and government agencies, lobby groups and individuals. We analyse the substance of news and check the origin and integrity of its authors.

Services we offer

  • conducting comprehensive integrity due diligence reviews of your business partners
  • automated testing of large numbers of counterparties for a variety of risks, and identifying counterparties with the highest risk level
  • gathering information about your competitors, including during court proceedings
  • collecting and analysing information on corporate and commercial relationships between business partners, as well as identifying potential conflicts of interest
  • tracing of assets in different countries which may be available for recovery
  • conducting pre-employment screening of candidates
  • developing procedures and guidelines for your own review of counterparties

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