Matching Artificial Intelligence Assistant (M.A.I.A.)


The business challenge

The Client was looking for a solution concerning three issues:

  • problem with high voluntary staff turnover,
  • growing local competition to gain similar profile of talents,
  • time consuming and often inefficient recruitment process 

Up to 80%

of employee turnover is due
to bad hiring decision


Our approach

We carry out dedicated M.A.I.A. survey, which includes assessment of the organizational culture, employees’ profile as well as their satisfaction (happiness) index. The data is then combined, integrated and processed with data from various HR systems to extend their functionalities.

Using the most technologically-advanced Big Data analysis methods like deep learning, clustering, random forests, collective intelligence, M.A.I.A. provides the possibility of extremely complex data operations within a short time frame. It finds valuable insights in an unsupervised and fully autonomous way and provides fact-based, in-depth knowledge about people and organization.

Algorithms can operate on heterogenic, distributed data sets. The data is imported and loaded from various systems. The origin of data can be not only HR-based, but also reinforced by streams from other systems (for example sales logs, attendance logs, user performance), depending on the company.         

The assessment provides complete professional profile of an employees in terms of their cognitive competencies, interests, personality traits, working environment preferences, their values and the level of alignment with organizational culture.


M.A.I.A. adjusts to the Client’s values and needs. Developed on the basis of data collected from employees, it is unique for each organisation.

Thanks to implementation of M.A.I.A., we expect to decrease turnover by up to 20% tracking loyalty and engagement level, predicting attrition risk and recommending the best retention strategy. It also helped to create special recommendations for company’s attraction strategy.

Additionally, thanks to used solutions, time of recruitment is expected to be reduced by 30%. The implementation pointed out and gave the organization access to the most suitable candidates - customized Matching Recruitment App automatically matches potential employees with required profile and assessed if candidate fits to the organizational culture.

Implementation of M.A.I.A. 
can save up to 

up to 30%

of the time spent on recruitment

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