Spot on magazine

Spot On publication is a journal of articles on business developments in Kenya's Consumer and Industrial Products & Services (CIPS) sector. In this publication, our industry and area experts discuss the results of our 2013 Africa CEO Survey for the Consumer and Industrial Products and Services (CIPS) sector, which includes manufacturers, agribusiness leaders and services CEOs. They interpret these results for Kenya's CIPS sector but also provide a broad view of the strategies, risks and future prospects that impact many companies across Africa.

This publication is intended to share insight on these issues and leading practices that help companies like yours to navigate change. Talent development, customer relations, risk management, tax planning and strategic decision-making do not occur in a vacuum; they are impacted by our rapidly changing marketplace. Our articles on these issues are informed by our experience in the market working with many CIPS companies—public, private and family-owned.

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