Entertainment and media outlook: 2018-2022

An African perspective

An in-depth analysis of the trends shaping the entertainment and media industry in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania

What is the Outlook?

Welcome to this year’s special report on the findings of our Entertainment and media Outlook: 2018–2022, An African perspective (Outlook).

Every year we take a deep dive into the data and analysis that our team of researchers and industry specialists have unearthed – with the aim of providing fresh perspectives and actionable insights.

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An overview of the Outlook


Kenya’s well-advanced mobile payments technology, M-Pesa, is normalising the idea of paying for goods or services via a phone, which makes the increasing access to mobile Internet positive news for the E&M industry. For example, the uptake of SVOD services as yet has been low as upon launch they only allowed the use of credit cards and PayPal for payment, hence limiting uptake to high-end subscribers. Service providers are keen to develop advanced mobile payment solutions like near-field communication to enable international remittances and payments for goods and services. As disposable incomes improve, the digital E&M industry will also experience an uptick 

Product features

The data and intuitive online functionality allows you to easily browse, compare and contrast spending, and create charts and graphs. At a click of a button, you can view year-on-year growth for every data line, filter by consumer and/or advertising spend and compare digital and non-digital spend data across segments and countries. Plus, the product includes additional analysis and commentary on spend data at a global, regional, and country level, which can be downloaded in pdf or Excel. Plus, the Outlook now offers dashboards for faster analysis and visualisations including heat maps, GDP and E&M growth comparisons amongst the 5 Countries covered.

Segments covered

The Outlook provides a single comparable source of consumer and advertiser spending data and analysis for 14 segments as seen in the visual graphic.

Countries covered

Understanding where consumers and advertisers are spending in the entertainment and media industry can help you understand industry trends and can inform key business decisions. The outlook provides five-year forecast and five-year historic consumer and advertiser spending data across 5 countries being South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria and Kenya.

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