Information technology effectiveness

The potential for IT to transform your enterprise is enormous, but IT projects consume large amounts of resources making the management of IT one of the most challenging issues today. CEO’s and CIO’s have to navigate a minefield of hardware, software, human resource and other issues.

Research reveals that, a significant amount of these resources are wasted in the implementation of IT projects and the maintenance of IT systems.The IT Effectiveness practice of PwC Jamaica has more than 20 years experience assisting firms with their IT challenges. Combine this with the power of our global network of IT Effectiveness professionals and you have formidable partner that can help you face all of your issues.

If this is your need:

  • You wish to have the right IT organisation in place to support business requirements
  • You recognise the need to better align IT to the business
  • You need IT projects to yield appropriate results for the business
  • You want to see what can be done to better source and manage your IT services

Services we provide include the following:

Aligning IT to the business

  • Review the effectiveness of IT strategy
  • Advise on the development of IT strategy
  • Validate conceptual design and controls surrounding people, processes and technology
  • Provide recommendations regarding IT governance, operations and organisation

Making IT projects perform

  • Manage projects such as programme implementation and business process improvement
  • Review the status of current and planned IT projects and risks of failure
  • Conduct benefits and ROI modelling (Cost/Benefit Analysis)
  • Provide assistance with envisioning, planning and implementing change
  • Assist with benefits tracking and benefits realisation programmes
  • Provide recommendations regarding internal communications and training needs

IT Sourcing and service management

  • IT solution search and selection
  • Performance assessments of IT service providers
  • Assist with the measurement of IT performance
  • Assist with the development of business cases and service level agreements
  • IT risk management

IT transaction services and due diligence

  • Assess IT governance organisation (including structure, reporting and management), infrastructure, staff, security and controls
  • Review the targets, ability to report/analyse key business metrics
  • Identify critical day-one and post integration system risks
  • Assist with function-specific IT integration and conversion (applications, infrastructure, voice and data networks, data centre)
  • Advise on project management of function-specific IT infrastructure activities
  • Provide advice regarding evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of potential vendors
  • Assist in the definition of function-specific systems architecture

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