The sharing economy: Shared Benefits

How the sharing economy is reshaping business across Europe

The rise of the sharing economy is changing the face of European business – creating opportunities for new entrants, challenges for incumbent players, and searching questions for all stakeholders. Our recent study for the European Commission shows that activity in the sharing economy across Europe has accelerated over the past two years, expanding at roughly double the pace we anticipated from our 2014 global research.


Our research focusses on five key sectors that facilitate transactions between individuals and organisations through online platforms:

  • Peer-to-peer accommodation: households sharing access to unused space in their home or renting out a holiday home to travellers
  • Peer-to-peer transportation: individuals sharing a ride, car or parking space with others
  • On-demand household services: freelancer marketplaces enabling households to access on-demand support with household tasks such as food delivery and DIY
  • On demand professional services: freelancer marketplaces enabling businesses to access on-demand support with skills such as administration, consultancy and accountancy
  • Collaborative finance: individuals and businesses who invest, lend and borrow directly between each other, such as crowd-funding and peer-to-peer lending

For more information visit: The future of the sharing economy in Europe 2016​​.

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