IFRS 17 publications



  • IFRS 17: a global perspectiveJoin PwC’s global IFRS 17 leaders and the IASB’s Darrel Scott to hear about progress one year on from IFRS17 launch
  • IFRS 17 and the risk agenda video series
    IFRS 17 has major risk implications, particularly in the areas of:
    1.Measurement models
    2.Geographic application
    3.Strategic risk
    We discuss these and other topics
  • PwC's Insurance: insights to IFRS 17
    Watch our accounting experts Gail Tucker and Sandra Thompson explaining the scope of the new insurance standard, IFRS 17
  • Global IFRS 17 webcast (recording)
    IFRS 17 is coming – Why should you care about it?
    During the webcast you will get:
    - An overview of the accounting requirements
    - Practical issues that your organisation should consider in relation to IFRS 17
    - Expected implementation challenges

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