Stars & Zombies 2015: Greek companies coming out of the crisis

Greek companies are in search of €6bn of capital for investments

The Greek economy has maintained a significant part of its strength throughout the crisis, according to PwC’s new study “Stars & Zombies: The Greek companies coming out of the crisis”.  The study classified 3.080 companies into 10 categories ranging from “Stars” to “Zombies” and concluded that profitability and growth derive from the “Stars” while debt is largely concentrated among the “Zombies”. The growth and increase in the number of the “Stars” is impeded by the lack of sectoral development policies.

Key points:

  • The Greek corporate economy retained some of its dynamism through the crisis
  • Corporate debt is concentrated in Zombies; profit and growth in Stars
  • The loss of the Zombies is the gain of the Stars

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