Deals in Greece 2022

A historic year with the highest level of transactions both in terms of number and value

PwC Greece is the top financial advisor by number of deals


2022 marked a strong investment trust in the Greek economy and companies

2022 : A landmark year for Greek companies

Mergers & Acquisitions surpassed all expectations

  • M&A transactions increased by 23.7%
  • M&A’s deal size rose by €54 mn

M&A deals reached 94 transactions, while their total value increased by €6.1bn, compared to 2021

M&A transactions in 2022



M&A activity in Greece is significantly increased, with the Financial Services, Food & Beverages, TMT** and Energy sectors recording high levels of activity



The number of  transactions above €50 mn increased by 49 transactions compared to 2021

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