How can I protect my business and staff from the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Answers to FAQs by employers and employees

  • Which precautionary measures should I take in order to ensure a safe working environment and protect my employees’ health in the workplace?
  • How can I ensure my business operation without jeopardizing my employees’ health?
  • How can I declare in a timely manner the working hours of employees exceptionally working remotely or overtime?
  • Which obligations do employees have, if they show symptoms of the virus?
  • Are employees affected by the virus and absent from work entitled to receive remuneration?
  • What should I do if employees inform me that they have a travelling history in areas with ongoing virus transmission or a history of close contact with a confirmed case?
  • Are employees entitled to receive a salary if the company is closed by a decision of the competent Authority?
  • What about the payment of social security contributions by businesses affected by the virus?
  • Can a working parent be absent from work due to the closure of school units?


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