Blood donations

As part of our efforts to encourage entrepreneurs and work together with social start-ups for the common good, we support Bloode – the first online platform to promote and systematise the process of donating blood in Greece. Our blood donations programme received recognition in the Greek market as well as in the PwC global network.

Bloode is a social enterprise students, which addresses the important problem of finding blood donors. We’ve met Bloode through the Orange Grove incubator. Our support to Bloode has a long-term scope and consists of a mixture of training by PwC’s volunteers, financial contribution in order to organise public blood donations for children who are cancer patients, as well as organisation of blood donations in PwC’s premises.

In times of Covid-19, Bloode intensifies its efforts by organising more blood donations with the strong support of PwC.

We're proud that PwC supports our cause and happy to work with its volunteers. We've started together and work for a better future.

Natalia Kritsali, founding member, Bloode

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Vivian Ino Tsamadou

Senior Manager, PwC Greece

Tel: +30 210 6874613

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