Tax consultancy services for the financial

Conscious of the development and investments realized over the last few years, and keeping in mind the tax and accounting specificities of this industry, PwC provides a range of specialized services intended to respond to the specific needs of this business. 

How can PwC help?

  • Preparation or review of the tax returns, namely the Modelo 1B of the IRPC.
  • Analysis and optimization of the tax framing of financial products and services and identification of tax contingencies, risks and opportunities.
  • Execution of the accounting, reporting and conversion of the accounts in accordance with the various accounting frameworks.


  • Tax structuring of special purpose vehicles and investment funds.
  • Assistance during external or internal tax inspections.
  • Support with the preparation of information and clarifications for the Tax Administration.
  • Support with the preparation for situations involving audition rights, claims and requests for binding tax information.

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