Contact tracing apps to help improve employee confidence and reduce risk exposure

Every successful business is dependent on the health, welfare and productivity of its workforce. When major business disruptions occur, such as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing an exceptionally strong connection between employees and employers, large and small, is paramount to maintaining employee and market confidence.

What’s becoming clear is that in every corner of the world, navigating the way forward will increasingly fall on organisations who will, ultimately, need to determine when to bring their people back to worksites and how to keep them safe. They will need to develop innovative solutions to ensure this safety can be sustained throughout the crisis and recovery.

To help meet these challenges, the PwC network has launched several products.

Our solutions


CoronaManager uses ‘Bluetooth handshakes’ and geofencing for contact tracing of those who download the app.  It can keep track of your health status, provide data analyses, connect to fever monitoring devices  and provide localised and personalised health news. It’s voluntary and anonymous and can help companies minimise any disruption due to COVID-19. Contact us for more information.

ConTra Contact Tracer

ConTra Contact Tracer, a Bluetooth contact tracing token/device and app for within the workplace, hospitals, universities or general population, including social distancing reminders + data analytic abilities. Contact us for more information on the ConTra app, Contra ID and ConTra One standalone device.


Check-In, a product platform with two solutions, one focused on employee safety, and the other on productivity. The first - Automatic Contact Tracing - is a mobile app that can collect proximity information anonymously and allows managers to effectively and precisely notify employees when they may have come into contact with an at-risk colleague. The second solution, Status Connect, helps employers understand where employees are working—remotely, from an office, in another location—in seconds not days. Status Connect also identifies impact factors, such as technology, mobility and business supplies, for example, that are preventing the workforce from being able to work effectively. Contact us for more information.

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