Business Internships - where do you fit best?

Embarking on a new challenge at PwC is not only an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills and learn new ones, but it is also a splendid way to start your career.

When you work for PwC, you have unique access to a global knowledge network and an opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals. Thanks to a blended learning programme that combines professional qualifications with interpersonal skills, you have unrivalled possibilities for your own professional development. Join now and start working on exciting projects while developing an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries.

See what our departments do and where you would fit in best:


Do you have strong analytical skills and deep financial knowledge, combined with good business acumen?

Join us to help PwC teams operate with quality and integrity! During your internship or full-time job in Advisory, you will help to create strategies and implement business solutions that allow our clients to build and maintain a strong position in the market. Together with highly skilled PwC experts, you will be involved in designing and implementing strategy, company restructuring, improving the operational efficiency and the effectiveness of IT and financial departments, as well as in risk, management and change management. Working with PwC experts is a unique opportunity to go deep into your profession, learn best practices, build your professional network and improve yourself from a personal perspective. 


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PwC Legal offers comprehensive support in areas of law relevant to business. During your internship or full-time job in our tax practice, you will need to draw upon your mathematical skills, strong verbal reasoning and an understanding of legal nuances.

Our lawyers are highly skilled professionals who understand the importance of digital services and data security in providing improved control procedures and, ultimately, better corporate management. Working in close cooperation with our experts, you will learn how to find unconventional solutions, as well as the ability to think outside the box.

By joining the PwC Legal team, you will have the opportunity to carry out interesting and challenging projects.


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We are looking for talented and ambitious people who do not simply want to “work with numbers” but also to understand them.

Your internship or full-time job as an associate consists of supporting audit projects. As leaders in their fields, our clients represent almost every sector of the economy. You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge by working with the best specialists in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the global market. To offer high quality audits that comply with legal requirements and deliver a wide range of business assurance products, our auditors draw upon their extensive substantive knowledge and modern technologies that enable us to extract insights from data.

Working as a PwC auditor, you will receive strong support from your team, expand your professional network and gain practical experience working with different clients on different projects. From brokerage houses, media entities and football clubs, you and your team will audit business processes, accounting and financial reporting, financial statements or support a company’s entry on the stock exchange.

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During the first year in Audit I’ve definitely gained a rich experience in working with different clients, you need to not only understand specific issues the industry and keep your knowledge up-to-date


Given this wide scope, the Forensics team needs professionals with a variety of skills – including accountants, financial analysts, technology experts, economists, engineers, fraud examiners and even former police officers. One of the critical factors behind our success is the diversity of our team.

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