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CEE in the spotlight

cee in the spotlight

CEE in the spotlight combines the most important ingredients in the CEE region’s recipe for success. Our goal is to provide macroeconomic insights for decision making for the international business community. The series gives a balanced perspective on our region, taking into account new trends and transformation drivers.


The series examines challenges facing the Central and Eastern European region, but also its great potential. Russian full-scale aggression has focused CEE decision makers to consider longer-term weaknesses against a backdrop of surging inflation, a looming energy crisis and an economic slowdown. Despite these weaknesses and challenges, the CEE in the spotlight series also looks to a bright future in the region. The IMF, for instance, predicts that real GDP growth in CEE in 2027 will be higher than average for G7 countries, which gives substantial grounds for regional optimism despite the turbulence.

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cover 1

Taking a fresh look at the CEE growth story

by Agnieszka Gajewska

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cover 2

How CEE can become a hub for Tech Talent

by Tamara Macasovic

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cover 3

How private entrepreneurs can transform CEE

by Piotr Michalczyk

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cover 4

The energy transition in CEE: balancing energy security, growth and the green agenda

by Jason Wardell

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How CEE can build the next generation of climate tech unicorns

How CEE can build the next generation of climate tech unicorns

by Agnieszka Gajewska and José Miguel Salazar Hernández

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The transformation imperative: how the digital public sector is contributing to development in CEE

How the digital public sector is contributing to development in CEE

by Emmanuel Koenig and Malina Jankowska

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cover 4

Cloud transformation is a strategic enabler for CEE businesses

by Mariusz Chudy

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smart cities

How smart cities can be epicentres of the CEE growth story 

by Jens Hörning

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retail sector

Necessity is the mother of invention — challenging economic times present growth opportunities for the CEE retail industry

by Mieczysław Gonta

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