PwC Recruitment Process

Shedding a light on the recruitment process

Our selection process consists of a number of stages through which we come to understand your experience and motivation.

Details on the stages are below, but they can vary from country to country. Familiarise yourself with all of them and after you have applied, a manager will confirm what your next steps are!  

Working with us, you will have unique access to global knowledge networks and the opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals

Candidate journey in PwC


Your journey starts with the application. When you apply for a job on our webpage, you will be asked to create an account to our personal system Workday. In your Workday account you can check the progress of our application during the recruitment process.

Game-based assessment

Once your application is accepted by a recruiter, you will get an email invitation to a quick and enjoyable set of games. You will be asked to undertake a series of short challenges, which are designed to measure several different skills and abilities in an interactive and stimulating way. Those should take you no more than 15 minutes.
After the assessment, you will receive an insight report with feedback on your performance via email. Please note that this will not be a final assessment nor recruitment result. These will be provided by a recruiter who will get in touch with you after the assessment.

You can be assigned also with some other online test(s) - English language test or some technical test (e.g. Accounting) if applicable for given position in your territory.

Click here to learn more about our game based assessment


Video interview

This is a unique opportunity to bring your application to life and to stand out from the rest. A video interview shows who you are much better than a paper cover letter attached to your CV. Learn more about our video interview tool that has replaced the pre-screening step of the selection process. You can choose the time and place, and you can arrange to respond to the questions at your own convenience. 

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Assessment Center

The assessment center is a full-day event consisting of two to three stages, such as group exercises, interviews and exams.
This may sound like a lot, but it is a great opportunity for you to show off a range of skills and how motivated you are.  It is also a chance to meet potential future colleagues and to learn more about PwC and our corporate culture.

The one-to-one interview provides you with opportunity to show your qualities. We're looking for an evidence of your skills, experience and abilities. We also want to see that you've thought carefully your career choice. You should be able to demonstrate your clear interest in the business world and PwC. There is more below about what we look for in a “PwC Professional”.

Interview with manager and/or partner

The one-on-one interview provides you with an opportunity to display your best qualities. We are looking for evidence of your skills, experience and abilities. We also want to see that you have carefully considered your career choice. You should be able to demonstrate your clear interest in the business world and PwC, and that you have what it takes to be a “PwC Professional”.

Offer and pre-hire portal

If you are offered a position with PwC and you accept it, you will be invited to join our portal Look Inside for new joiners to learn more about the firm’s corporate culture, what your first days and months will look like and how to connect with us and other new joiners. You can also initiate this by connecting with your recruiter.  

Start date

You will receive practical information about your first day from your recruiter or any other PwC representative in your country. You will be most probably asked to do some preparations before your start date such as providing some personal information or/and documents. Please check your email and follow the instructions. First working day you will receive all the equipment needed and do not worry - you will not be alone in this as we have a buddy system so you will be assigned with somebody who will help you with all necessary things. Good luck!

Look Inside - Before you join us

Look Inside is our global, online, mobile adopted community where pre-hires can learn about what to expect in their first days and weeks and connect not only with us, but also other pre-hires.

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