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Be a game changer. Change your perspective and join PwC!

PwC aims to be organization of the future. To solve important problems and make an impact, we’re investing in our human difference.

At PwC Central Eastern Europe we are creating a culture, that enables our people to achieve more. We are matching their curiosity with continuous learning opportunities by creating an environment where people and technology thrive together to deliver game-changing solutions.

Join PwC. Be a game changer!


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Current situation has a global impact on countries, organizations and people. While each territory approaches this situation differently, at PwC we have the same priority across the whole region - to take care of our people. Therefore we were happy to let our employees work from home to minimize the potential risks and continue with a social distancing approach. Now, more than ever, flexibility is critical in how we support our people and clients while working remotely.

5 reasons to join us

Our clients don’t come to us for the easy stuff hence the development of your knowledge, skills, confidence and experience is fundamental. PwC is a perfect workplace to learn from some of the smartest, most diverse and insightful people around.

We are committed to developing high-performing professionals. From innovative learning approaches to customised coaching, PwC provides you with support to develop your career. Our work is often challenging but your development never stops!

Taking up challenging projects for a wide range of clients & industries result in dynamic expansion of your business horizons, skillset and technical expertise. Our dedication, integrity and expertise make 85% of Fortune 500 companies trust PwC.

At PwC, we believe the most important problems are better solved together. Collaboration of unique people, skills and perspectives significantly broadens our mindset and creates the most value – for our clients, our people and society.

While we come from different backgrounds and countries, our values define who we are, what we stand for and how we behave. At PwC, we are creating a friendly culture supported by respect and mutual encouragement that enables our people to achieve more.