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Raising Money in the Nigerian Capital Markets


Equity markets tend to decline in periods of recession and Nigeria is no exception. Equity capital markets unlike bond markets, tend to bear the initial brunt of a recession, as seen in the absence of IPOs and FOs in 2016. However, we expect to see activity pick up in the equity capital markets in 2017 as the Naira begins to stabilize, investors regain confidence, and issuers who paused their plans due to uncertainty, access the market again.

The Future of Nigeria: Three critical levers for improving HDI


Prior to the recent decline in the price of crude oil, Nigeria enjoyed strong economic growth at a CAGR of 5.3%, post- rebasing3. However, this growth did not translate perception into social development as high poverty and inequality levels persist

Transparency Report


PwC's Annual transparency report

Tax Bites


Get updates and latest information on happenings around taxation in Nigeria and Globally

Africa Oil and Gas review


This review of developments in the African oil and gas industry is our sixth in a series of reviews of the sector.

PwC’s Annual Power and Utilities Roundtable


This report provides a detailed account of the 2015 edition of the annual PwC Power and Utilities Roundtable. It features the discussion papers presented at the event as well as the opinions shared by stakeholders in attendance towards transforming the sector in Nigeria

Financial Focus


The 3rd edition of our "Financial Focus" gives a good understanding of current trends in the financial services sector in Nigeria – Learn more

Preserving Value in Challenging times


Get all publications and materials from the Debt Restructuring Breakfast event session

An economic assessment of key sectors of opportunity for UK businesses in Nigeria


We’ve identified six goods and service exports that we expect will offer UK businesses the greatest potential for growth. These goods and services reflect the UK’s comparative advantage and Nigeria’s likely import pattern as it develops

Advisory Outlook


Advisory outlook