Government & Public Sector

PwC's Government and Public Sector Practice

Governments, development partners and non-governmental organisations are facing many evolving operational and strategic challenges. Our public sector team has the size, skills, ability, commitment and know-how required to help you find public sector solutions to real-world problems.

In Nigeria, we have worked with the public sector to promote transparency, accountability, performance development and service improvement ensuring value for money. We’ve helped shape government policies on public sector modernisation and we’re well-versed in the kinds of best practices that make a difference.

Relevant experience

We have the experience and understanding to ensure that we provide our public sector clients with value-adding services.

We build relationships with public sector organisations in Eastern, Central and West Africa such as:

  • National/federal governments
  • State and local governments
  • Development partners
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Public entities and
  • Other quasi-government organisations.

 Experienced and enthusiastic teams

Our teams are mobilised to bring the right blend of skills and experience to every project. Our people are committed to what they do and they provide our clients with the best resources, while fostering sound professional relationships. We are specialised and we understand the unique challenges facing the public sector, and we’re equipped with the right tools to be effective.

Proven methodology and approach

Our methodology and approaches to public sector engagements have been tried and tested.

The cornerstones include:

  • A systematic but flexible approach;
  • Efficient and effective use of resources;
  • High-quality, internationally developed procedures;
  • Appropriate use of state-of-the-art technology and techniques;
  • Clear focus on challenges and developing practical solutions; and
  • Effective transfer of skills and knowledge.

Positive contribution

Our teams are well-staffed, well-trained, well-managed and motivated so that they not only provide the services required, but go the extra mile to make a difference. We help our clients by assessing their current situation and identifying and addressing their future needs, while maintaining attention to detail and sensitivity to your needs.

Our value-adding approach includes:

  • Making practical recommendations;
  • Working with key stakeholders;
  • Focusing on relevant/key issues;
  • Implementing and managing change;
  • Working within a framework of good governance;
  • Producing timely and quality deliverables.

We take pride in the quality of service we deliver to our clients, and we ensure it by using qualified and experienced staff and drawing upon industry specialists with sophisticated, value-adding consulting mindsets.