About the British Virgin Islands


Status: British Overseas Territory
Principal Language: English
Legal System: BVI legislation
Judicial Branch: Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court
Population: 28,280 (2012 est.)
Location: East of Puerto Rico; 18.25 N, 64.36 W
Climate: Sub-tropical with the temperature range from 29 degrees celcius in the summer to 27 degrees celsius in the winter.
Capital: Road Town, Tortola
Area: 154 sq km
Monetary Unit: United States Dollar
International Dialling code: +1 284
Airport: Beef Island, EIS
Timezone: -4 GMT



The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") is a British Overseas Territory. As a British Overseas Territory, legislation is based on the British Legal System and English Common Law; the United Kingdom Privy Council is the final Court of Appeal. Since the introduction of the International Business Companies Act in 1984 to the current Business Companies Act 2004 (as Amended) ("BCA"), the legislation has made significant progress in developing the BVI as a leading international financial services centre. The BCA is the principal legislation which governs the formation and management of the majority of companies incorporated in the BVI.

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