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How can we help celebrate the success of some of the country’s highest achieving students?

People of PwC

National Merit® Scholarship Corporation

Performing and excelling at a high level runs in the family at PwC. High school students that qualify for the prestigious National Merit Scholarship Program have met impressive academic standards including top PSAT/NMSQT® scores, along with other program requirements. To recognize and celebrate this incredible academic achievement, the Foundation sponsors one-time, non-renewable, $5,000 scholarships to National Merit® Finalists who are the children of PwC partners and staff.

Progress highlights

In FY18, a record-high 18 children of PwC partners and staff qualified as National Merit® Finalists and received scholarships of $5,000 from the Foundation.

invested in FY18

Zachery Dahm

Elizabeth Dahm (PwC parent), Director, Tampa

Top honors: All-conference scholar athlete and Eagle Scout

Putting the extra in extra-curricular: Varsity track and swim teams, Senior Patrol Leader of Boy Scouts Troop and VP of Venture Crew, started after-school physics tutoring program.

Where you’ll find Zachery now: Purdue University, where he plans to major in nuclear engineering.

Some future goals for Zachery: “I would love to work in or around nuclear research and come up with new ways to use nuclear technology. Nuclear physics has always interested me as it is on the cutting edge of science, dealing with things beyond our senses. I feel that nuclear engineering will be a good way to pursue this interest practically.”

What this scholarship means to Zachery: “This scholarship is helping me to pay the expensive out-of-state tuition that was required to go to a good engineering school. The money from this scholarship made the decision to come here easier.”

Julia Guo

Yunwei Guo (PwC parent), Manager, New York

Top honors: Best iOS app at HackBCA; National Honor Society

Putting the extra in extra-curricular: President of computer science club, hosted school’s first hackathon, drum major in marching band.

Where you’ll find Julia now: Columbia University, where she plans to major in computer science with a focus on AI/ML and minor in economics.

Some future goals for Julia: “I developed an interest in machine learning after conducting data science research at Columbia last summer. There I utilized logistic regression modeling and the R programming language to improve New York City's government-led Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise program. I really enjoyed the experience and became interested in how computing could be used to solve social issues and other real-world problems. I had also originally become interested in computer science itself when I taught myself web development in HTML/CSS/Javascript in middle school, and learned more about programming and the computer science industry through attending and hosting hackathons with my high school's computer science club.”

What this scholarship means to Julia: “As first-generation immigrants from China, my parents have had to make endless sacrifices to give me a comfortable life and allow me to pursue my hopes and dreams through attaining a quality education. So, this scholarship will not only allow me to attend university with a lower financial burden; it will also help them worry less about making ends meet, lifting a weight off their shoulders and consequently mine.”

Palak Diwanji

Darshik Diwanji (PwC parent), Manager, Houston

Top honors: National AP Scholar, National Spanish Examination Gold Medal

Putting the extra in extra-curricular: Spanish National Honor Society President, Science National Honor Society member, National Honor Society member, co-founder of South Asian Students Association, Senior Company dancer for Rhythm India Dance Company.

Where you’ll find Palak now: University of Texas, Austin, planning to study business and be part of the Plan II program – a four-year interdisciplinary arts and sciences honors major with a core curriculum.

Some future goals for Palak: “I personally feel like there’s a good amount of exploring left for me to do, but after college, I hope to pursue a career in healthcare management or administration. A career such as this one will allow me to use my skills and knowledge to manage the integration of people, systems, and technologies to deliver consistent high quality care in the healthcare industry. Not only is this necessary in America, but also in other countries, where I hope to make an impact by helping healthcare organizations around the world improve the provision of care for their increasing numbers of patients.”

What this scholarship means to Palak: “The scholarship awarded to me by the Foundation will help me achieve my future goals by giving me an opportunity to use the money to hopefully study abroad in the upcoming years. Studying abroad has been an important goal of mine as there is no better way to become comfortable working in an international environment than to live and experience one first hand. From gaining an understanding of different cultures to working with a diverse group of people, I look forward to developing a broader and more sophisticated worldview that will propel my success in the business environment. I’m so grateful that this scholarship will push me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams!” 

Anmol Parande

Rajendra Parande (PwC parent), Partner, Chicago

Top honors: National AP Scholar and AP scholar with distinction

Putting the extra in extra-curricular: Varsity tennis, robotics and math teams, VP of Technology for Future Business Leaders of America.

Where you’ll find Anmol now: University of California, Berkeley, where he plans to major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) with a focus on Computer Science.

Some future goals for Anmol: “I chose to major in EECS because I have always gravitated towards technology. Early on, I played with Lego Mindstorms, and eventually, I began learning iOS mobile app development. At first, I released simple games to the app store and gradually progressed towards more complex endeavors such as my most recent application, GoGreen, a carbon footprint monitor for consumers. Along the way, I explored and developed my skills in other areas of software engineering such as web development. These early steps opened my eyes to the unlimited potential of technology and made me want to study it in a formal environment. Going forward, I am most interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, particularly in the areas of computer decision making and network structure and how these technologies can be applied in the future.”

Rajendra says: “Along with his academic excellence, I am most proud of Anmol's early attempts to contribute towards making society better by rolling out mobile apps such as GoGreen. He is looking to drive personal excellence while trying to contribute to society in a meaningful way.”

Chelsea Carver

Tom Carver (PwC parent), Partner, Pittsburgh

Top honors: Eight national and regional science awards

Putting the extra in extra-curricular: TEDxYouth conference keynote speaker, four President’s Volunteer Service Awards, Scholastic National Gold Medal for journalism, Girl Scout Gold Award, Forensics Oratory awards, Outstanding Young Citizen Award, AP Scholar with distinction.

Where you’ll find Chelsea now: University of Pittsburgh, where she is majoring in biology and has been accepted into the Honors Program and the Guaranteed Admission Program for their School of Dental Medicine.

Some future goals for Chelsea: “My future career goal is to become an orthodontist. I chose this career path after becoming fascinated with the various dental procedures I experienced in my childhood. I learned firsthand how dentists help improve their patients’ lives and the communities they serve.”

Tom says: “This scholarship is acknowledgement of PwC’s commitment to our people as well as the importance of setting and working towards goals. We are most proud of Chelsea’s commitment to community service and taking on activities that push her outside of her comfort zone, while also being recognized for her academic achievements.”

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