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Shannon Schuyler
We live in a complex time. Inequities are clear, the status quo is being challenged, and authenticity, candor, and action are celebrated. It’s also a time when the gap between the haves and have-nots may feel paralyzing, due to the level of investment needed to turn the tides. There is much more work to be done. We need bold actions, diverse voices and inclusive solutions. We need to think differently. We need to collaborate more. As we charge forward through FY19, the PwC Charitable Foundation will continue to pursue and promote opportunities to help close the gap. 

As we have continued to invest in education while watching this gap grow, it is increasingly critical that we examine our role in inequity, and how and where we contribute. Knowledge and access to opportunities, such as options for training and education financing, and quality educational tools and experiences, can help people overcome barriers and change the trajectory of their lives. Cultivating inclusive environments provides a place for belonging and advancement in which people from all walks of life can be empowered and successful. Our Reimagine Grants and other programs help accelerate innovative educational opportunities for underserved populations in the communities where we live and work. When evaluating potential investments, we listen to diverse perspectives and consider the demographics of our grantees, from their beneficiaries to their board of directors.

Recognizing the importance of being able to engage underserved students across the country in a digitally savvy marketplace, we are providing free educational tools to students and digital upskilling opportunities for educators. In addition to this national reach, we are investing in local nonprofit organizations identified by the partners of PwC, focusing on helping underserved populations access technology skills and preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow. Through robotics and coding camps, STEM fairs for girls, and the development of computer science curriculum modules for summer programs, among other efforts, our grants are bringing technology concepts to underrepresented youth in communities across the country.

Having the right networks, along with pre-identified and funded credible response organizations, in place before a disaster occurs helps relief workers mobilize quickly. It also gives us more flexibility in taking the right next steps in the recovery and rebuilding stages. This strategy is especially important for vulnerable communities most at risk during and after disasters, and allows us to provide long-term assistance when recovery can take months, if not years. The PwC Charitable Foundation applies this same strategy of preparation and pre-identifying collaborators for early investment when it comes to addressing slow-burning social crises, such as the growing shortage of critical skills in the workforce. No matter what the situation, this approach enables us to mobilize solutions and help to deploy effective and timely support, whether for immediate, interim or long-term community needs.

Endeavoring to be a catalyst for change, our grantmaking will continue to evolve as new opportunities emerge to invest in creative solutions, platforms, and people, so that we can effectively tackle society’s greatest challenges in education and humanitarianism.

I hope you will join us in celebrating how much we have accomplished together, while continuing to find innovations that will create real change and progress in our communities.

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Shannon Schuyler, President

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