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Mergers & Acquisition services

Regardless of the size of your organization or the sector of your business operations, establishing an appropriate corporate structure is essential to minimize tax and operational costs. Organizations can grow organically or by expanding through mergers and acquisitions. However to maintain a sustainable growth your company will need foresight and expertise. PricewaterhouseCoopers has established an experienced multi-disciplinary and dedicated team of experts who specialize in tax and corporate law. We can help you to perform mergers and acquisition activity in a tax effective manner and to devise an efficient tax structuring strategy to reduce your overall tax liability.

How can we help?

We will help you to carry out strategic growth of your company by providing credible advice on tax effective mergers and acquisitions in the light of Slovenian and EU tax and corporate regulations. We ensure that the legal structure of your business and sales operations are geared towards providing you with maximum benefits. We will help you to draft contracts and other tax requirements to ensure that tax efficiency is built into the very way you do business. Tax structuring and mergers and acquisitions demand a multidisciplined approach of taxes, finance and law in order to provide you with comprehensive advice in all aspects of your national or international business operations. The net result of our performance will show in increased shareholder value.


Key services

  • Developing acquisition strategy and target research by financial and tax due diligence
  • Advice on tax efficient restructuring techniques such as mergers, demergers, share to share exchange and transfers of assets
  • Implementing procedures for tax neutral restructuring of your operations within Slovenia or within your international operations
  • Providing assistance to find tax efficient organizational structures
  • Advice on international tax planning and structuring for tax efficient profit repatriation with reduction of tax leakage
  • Advice on accounting impacts of new Slovenian Accounting Standards 2006 and IFRS on business combinations
  • Advice on the application and interpretation of international tax law
  • Advice on effective tax strategies for licenses, software and other intellectual property
  • Helping you with drafting necessary contracts and tax applications
  • Developing tax efficient exit strategies etc.

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Director, Tax Services Leader
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