Corporate Tax Compliance

Additionally to our opinions on your specific inquiries, our corporate income tax specialists will review your corporate income tax returns. The compliance review may be performed as a top line compliance review or an in depth analysis, depending on your needs. Top line compliance reviews are especially recommendable if performed on a regular basis through a longer period, while the in depth analysis is usually required with significant changes of tax legislation. The compliance review may relate to whole or part of the chosen tax period.

The Compliance Department of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Slovenia offers the following services within the corporate tax area:

  • Support in compliance mandates
  • CIT compliance review
  • Tax structuring

Support in compliance mandates

We attend to our compliance clients and help them make their compliance life easier and more efficient. In addition, we support our consultant teams in all compliance-related matters.

If you have any problems or questions in connection with your tax returns, assessments or correspondence with the tax authorities - ask us.


Corporate Tax Compliance Review


  • Review of recording of revenues and costs in the corporate income tax return in accordance with the Corporate Income Tax Act;
  • Assessing the appropriateness of accounting policies for business purposes and their influence on corporate income tax assessment (analysis of the accounts, accruals, provisions, write-downs and write-offs, traveling expenses, entertainment expenses);
  • Consistency check of recorded items in the balance sheet with book-keeping documents and reviewing the appropriateness of documents for corporate income tax purposes;
  • Critical judgment of tax non-deductible costs and expenses;
  • Review of bonuses schemes and other additional remuneration of employees, besides salaries;
  • Review of management fees and recharges;
  • Use of all feasible tax allowances and credits to the most optimal form, considering the provisions for claw back of tax allowances;
  • Preparation for tax audit.

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