Legal Obligation of Entering Company E-mail Address into Register

In accordance with the latest amendments to the Companies Act (ZGD-1K, Official Gazette of the RS, No. 18/2021 as at 9 February 2021), capital companies, limited partnerships, economic interest groupings and branches of foreign companies applying for their first entry in the court register, shall also provide the company's e-mail address. The existing companies shall enter their e-mail address in the register within 1 year of the entry into force of the respective amendment, that is until 24 February 2022.

The company's e-mail address will be published on the website of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) and will also be available to all data users of the Slovenian Business Register (SBR).

Pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act, failure to report data or entry of incorrect data in the register constitutes an offense for which a fine between EUR 15,000 and EUR 45,000 is imposed on large companies, EUR 10,000 to EUR 30,000 on medium-sized companies, EUR 2,500 to EUR 15,000 on small companies and EUR 1,000 to EUR 6,000 on micro companies. A fine between EUR 500 to 4,000 is also imposed on the responsible person of the company who commits the offense.

The obligation to provide an e-mail address does not apply to sole proprietors.

To enter an e-mail address into the register, an existing company may:

  • submit a Proposal for entry of an amendment into the SRB at the SPOT point;
  • send a completed form Proposal for entry of a change into the SBR to the AJPES branch;
  • send a letter or application for entering an e-mail address to the AJPES branch;
  • if the company is also amending other company information, it may submit information on the company's e-mail address simultaneously with submitting a proposal for entry of the change in the court register which is filed at the SPOT point or with a notary.

Newly established companies will be required to provide an e-mail address during the establishment process. If the application for establishment of the company is submitted by a notary, the company may determine the e-mail address with a resolution or a written statement enclosed to the application for establishment of the company.

If the company already has an e-mail address, we advise checking the register whether the e-mail address is accurate or, if necessary, update it in accordance with the procedures described above, as well as to allow publication of the e-mail if the company has not already done so.

For any further questions or assistance in entering your company’s email address, we invite you to contact the Legal Department at PwC.

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