Forensic Investigations & Disputes


Commercial Disputes

Most businesses will face a dispute situation at some point – whether it is a dispute with a supplier, a customer, a regulator, or a whole range of related issues. We can assist you throughout the process, whether in an informal forum or in litigation, mediation or arbitration. We help clients at any stage of a dispute, for example, by providing independent advice to those initiating a dispute, by investigating and analyzing evidence related to the dispute, providing expert witness reports or advising on dispute resolution.

International Arbitration

Our experienced international arbitration team provides accounting, financial and economic consulting, as well as expert witness services, to parties in arbitration proceedings involving complex business disputes. We can help both clients and their legal advisors to investigate and understand the financial, economic and business consequences of a dispute, including breach of contract, acquisition disputes and claims under investment treaties.

Insurance Claims Services

Insurance of property, products, people and profits is a key component of corporate risk management. PwC provides policyholders and insurers with independent advice and assistance in managing claims and insurance risks. If you require a quantum expert, we can assist you. Our dedicated team can support you by helping to reduce disruption to your business, customers and management time when faced with a major incident.

Transaction and Shareholder Disputes & Investigations

Our Transaction and Shareholder Disputes & Investigation services include:

  • Investigative due diligence prior to the completion of the transaction covering areas such as key personnel and business partners, fraud risk reviews, etc.
  • Review of Sale and Purchase Agreements prior to completion to identify weaknesses including assistance in drafting key accounting policies to avoid price erosion
  • Completion account reviews to ensure that completion accounts take full advantage of the terms of the sale and purchase agreement
  • Assistance in post-completion disputes
  • Litigation and warranty-related matters



Our investigations team is ready to assist clients in the prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of fraud, financial crime and other irregularities including asset misappropriation, bribery and breaches of ethics. Our financial investigations specialists work with our experts in Forensic Technology Solutions to detect fraud, uncover the full extent of losses, analyze evidence obtained and produce reports which can be used as evidence if appropriate. We also assist parties contemplating asset recovery actions.

U.S. Regulatory Investigations and Securities Litigation

The integrity of financial accounts is the subject of unparalleled scrutiny and public attention in the wake of some notable corporate scandals in recent years. European companies with a US listing are subject to regulation by the SEC and the US Department of Justice. In addition, these companies and their directors and officers are exposed to the risk of class action lawsuits where accounting misstatements or irregularities emerge. Our team specializes in assisting SEC-listed companies and their subsidiaries by providing the expertise to manage and minimize securities litigation and regulatory compliance risks. Our forensic experts can help you with a range of issues including compliance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or Section 10A investigation.

Corporate Intelligence

Underestimating third-party risks can significantly affect the reputational and financial position of entrepreneurs and businesses. We perform integrity and affiliation due diligences to help businesses get a fair picture of their relationships with third parties, confidently develop strategies and make decisions.

Our corporate intelligence specialists find, analyze and check available information and data from open market sources and paid databases to assess the potential risks of business relationships with third parties, such as suppliers and contractors, clients and partners or investment targets.

Capital Projects  

No construction project is immune to risks such as budget overruns, delays, poor work quality, the unreasonable overstatement of operating expenses, or conflicts with a general contractor or project partner.

Our industry professionals provide advice and assistance in order to mitigate the risks, develop correct procurement and project management strategies, or to manage disputes if they arise. We are adept at understanding and documenting the technical issues that arise in capital project disputes, and at substantiating the associated costs and damages.

Our team includes experts experienced in capital construction, forensics and legal and tax advice. Our partners act as subject-matter experts in construction disputes in international arbitration courts.

Licensing Management

Licensing Management Services

Our globally integrated network of dedicated licensing professionals can help companies optimize their revenues and capitalize on and protect their intellectual property. We have undertaken more than a hundred royalty examinations on behalf of licensors in a number of industries around the world. In the overwhelming majority of the royalty examinations we have undertaken for our clients, we uncover underreported royalties due to clerical errors, accounting mistakes or contract interpretation issues.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property rights, such as patents, copyright or design rights, are often a company’s most valuable assets. We act as an independent expert witness for organizations involved in intellectual property disputes. This usually requires an assessment of the quantum of damages flowing from the infringement of intellectual property rights.

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