GST Services

PwC offers a wide range of compliance and consulting services to assist clients with GST issues.

GST Compliance and Consulting

PwC provides general GST compliance services including preparation and lodgment of monthly GST returns, and review of accounting systems to ensure that GST is being correctly accounted for. We also offer more specific advice for areas of the law that require clarification.

GST Audit Assistance

The GST division of the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) carries out GST audits on taxpayers. We assist clients undergoing GST audits to ensure that appropriate information is provided to the IRC for the audit and the technical basis on which the client reports GST is sound. We also liaise with the IRC and where possible resolve disputes which may arise in the course of GST audits.

GST Cash Flow Management

Although cash flow management in respect of GST for most businesses is managing when GST output tax is paid and when input tax is claimed, complex cash flow issues may arise from major transactions on which substantial GST would apply. PwC provides assistance to clients with a view to minimising any adverse cash flow implications that may arise from such instances.

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