Training & Development

Do one or more of these statements describe your organisation’s priorities?

  • Supporting structured training and development consistent with your strategic intent
  • Development of course material and reference material that can then be used to assist participants in their day-to-day duties
  • Development that builds competency levels by increasing knowledge and understanding, and improvinf workplace capability and capacity
  • Delivering interactive training with the incorporation of workbook exercise, activities, assessments and case studies that invite participation
  • Assessing the competence levels of the workforce through training needs analysis
  • Reviewing training outcomes and participant development on training completion
  • Coaching and mentoring of staff performance in line with expected key performance indicators

The PwC consulting team comprises individuals that are based in PNG, and where necessary, in-sourced expertise from the PwC Network. This isdesigned to combine local knowledge and global expertise in delivering the best possible tailored solution for your specific requirements and opportunities. Our team is committed to ongoing research, and development of new and creative ideas consistent with leading-edge initiatives around the world. We ensure our clients are thoroughly prepared to face the challenges of an ever changing global market.

Our training incorporates our vast experience in PNG and focuses on:

  • Fostering of world’s best practice attitude
  • Development and practice of relevant skills
  • Understanding the relationships between key concepts
  • Application of training in real-life scenarios and situations

The key services we offer are:

  • Tailored training to address your business strategy. Our training professionals spend time understanding your requirements, assessing your working environment, and tailoring our programs and resources to deliver specific outcomes for your organisation and staff. The courses we offer incorporate cutting-edge techniques in adult learning and hands-on activities developed from internationally recognised and qualified training staff.
  • Public training courses. Consistent with our continuous improvement philosophy, we have segmented the structure of our training to address three basic areas of organisational learning – business fundamentals, supervisory / management development and organisational development.
  • Strategic reviews on the competence levels of staff and their alignment with the strategic objectives of the organisation. Our assessment also reviews the outcomes of current and previous training to determine gaps and opportunities.
  • Staff coaching and mentoring from industry specialists sourced from across the PwC network.

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