Internal Audit

Do one or more of these statements describe the challenges your organisation is facing?

  • Problems with maintaining an effective internal audit function
  • Failure to recruit and retain internal audit professionals in all of your key skill areas
  • Difficulty in keeping your internal audit personnel trained in critical emerging technologies and systems
  • Inability to focus resources in the priority areas of risk to the performance of the business

Maximising the value and effectiveness of the internal audit function requires an understanding of an organisation's objectives, risks, control framework, risk management priorities, regulatory environment, and the diverse needs of critical stakeholders. Ultimately, these needs determine the risk profile of the organisation and the strategic focus, structure, resources and practices required of its internal audit department. Our internal audit solutions can help you and your internal audit function keep up with the changing risks facing your organisation - including those associated with globalisation, entering new markets and acquisitions. With extensive experience in providing a broad range of solutions to companies seeking to strengthen their internal control and risk management, assessment and monitoring, we are the solution you can rely on to help create a strong internal audit function.

Our solutions range from strategic internal audit advisory services to partnership with or strategic outsourcing of an existing internal audit function.

The key services we offer are:

  • Evaluation and advice regarding corporate governance practices
  • Assessment and improvement of the quality and effectiveness of their internal audit processes
  • Advice and assistance in the development of internal audit and risk management strategies and methodologies, including assessing whether the internal audit function is delivering effectively to stakeholders
  • Internal audit resourcing solutions, including full outsourcing or complementing in-house functions with specialist skills or geographical coverage
  • Supporting internal audit functions with software to enhance and support their work
  • Development of training for internal auditors using our extensive market and industry knowledge to create highly-tailored solutions
Internal Audit

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