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Applying from overseas

Oct 23, 2015

PwC PNG welcomes foreign nationals who want to work in Papua New Guinea to explore opportunities and continue their development within the PwC network. If you are keen to explore opportunities with PwC PNG, the firm may offer a wide range of relocation benefits depending on your eligibility.


Benefits of global assignment

For today's professionals having global acumen is more and more a pre-requisite when serving our clients. In addition, having a diversity of experiences is part of our value proposition. That's why at PwC in Papua New Guinea we welcome you to discuss with us a career opportunity of a lifetime. If you are a lateral or from within the PwC network and seeking a secondment oppportunity with a difference, then please contact us.  Our offer is unique, challenging and rewarding.  If you're looking for:

  • New opportunities for growth, greater responsibility and a quick career progression
  • An opportunity to work in a dynamic emerging market where things change at a fast pace
  • Building your breadth of experiences across different sectors
  • Developing skills across a broad range of disciplines
  • Working with local and global organisations
  • Opportunity to work and play, including travel within PNG and the region
  • Building relationships with clients and colleagues from an array of backgrounds that last a lifetime 
  • A truly different cultural experience
  • Making a difference and seeing the fruits of your contribution shape outcomes for the better
  • Working in community where your contribution is valued
  • Coaching, mentoring and leaving a legacy
  • Being a catalyst for change in a growth-oriented firm
then take the first step by contacting us today.

A global assignment can generate both personal and professional rewards for an individual and our secondees generally experience the following during their stay in PNG and when they return to their home territory:


n Career progression

n Opportunity to live and travel abroad

n Personal development

n Building business through technical and industry expertise

n Improved skills and expertise

n Global clients, market, and talent development;

n Global networking/relationship building

n Enhance global revenue

n Creativity and innovation exposure to new ideas and processes

n Increased confidence in dealing with challenging situations

n Cultural awareness – experiencing a diverse culture and having a greater understanding of international differences;

n Supporting the growth objective through the set of skills you brought to PwC PNG


What we need

In PNG, you will need to be more “hands on” than anywhere you may have previously worked. Training and coaching your teams should be a focus point for you during your stay in PNG (in fact it is also part of work permit conditions). Every expatriate who joins us has a responsibility to contribute to the firm’s knowledge and experience, to guide and coach their teams and to improve the quality of the working environment around them. In turn, you will find that our staff will be extremely welcoming and will be eager to soak up the knowledge you impart to them.

We are looking for talented individuals to come join our team. As a potential candidate, you should be:

  • Enthusiastic and passionate about what you do
  • Willing to take on challenging situations and a role that is constantly changing
  • Equipped with relevant work experience
  • Armed with good cross-cultural skills (flexible and adaptable to varying work environments)
  • Ready with your professional qualifications (degree, certifications, licenses, etc.)

Why work with us?

Working with PwC PNG will offer you a world of opportunities and exciting challenges, which you may or may not be expecting.  The one thing for certain is that many things happen differently here than they do where you are coming from. You will have wider responsibilities but more control of your career. You will therefore gain a huge amount of useful experience while working with us.

If you are a currently working for another PwC network firm and are interested in finding out more about assignment opportunities in Papua New Guinea, please feel free to contact us directly or get in touch with your Global Mobility contact in your country.

Contact us

Human Capital Team

, PwC Papua New Guinea

Tel: +675 305 3100

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