Structuring and deal accounting

Boards are under increasing pressure to provide comfort over their distributable reserves. This is not only driven by a desire to enable them to execute on strategic initiatives, such as deals, but also because this provides a further indication of the effective control over quality and integrity of financial statements as a whole. The area of distributions and how they are structured and accounted for is buried in rules and guidelines which can be difficult to navigate.

How we can help

  • Work with you to develop a credible, strategically aligned, distributable reserves plan for the medium to long-term
  • Deliver a step-by-step guide (Steps Paper) through the complexity of a transaction which covers tax, accounting and legal regardless of where the advice is coming from
  • Guide you through an area where you need our experience
  • Structure your organisation in the most cost effective and simple way to support your reserves plan
  • Review your approach and plan to distribute your reserves and also help you assess the impact of future changes
  • Help you understand how the complex guidance applies to you and help you plan your actions
  • Support you in a crisis and assist your recovery
  • Help educate and train your team on how to manage reserves in the best possible way

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