Development business services

The Development Business Services have been established by PwC Nigeria to reflect the changing political environment in the country and to render advisory services that are of benefit to the country as a whole and to our clients.

Our Development Business Group (DBG) provides:
  • Institutional strengthening services to the public sector financially supported by the International Financial Institutions (IFIs)/donors,
  • corporate finance and privatisation services to the public and private sectors, and
  • financial advisory services to banks and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) that are seeking to comply with Central Bank guidelines on equity investment.

Our service offering is aptly summarised by the mission statement of our DBS, namely: "In partnership with development oriented agencies, to contribute to the development of Nigerian society by supporting the enhancement of institutional capacity, good governance, rural economic integration, government policy, and access to human development ingredients such as education, healthcare, water, nutrition and family planning".

Our DBG comprises professional staff with a broad range of skills, including:

  • Performance of financial accounting and auditing
  • Design of financial systems and procedures
  • Advising on policy, strategy and management
  • Provision of human resource advisory services
  • Project management
  • All aspects of privatisation, and
  • A broad range of corporate finance related services.

In recognition of the needs of our clients and the similarities to services that are provided elsewhere, we work in conjunction with our colleagues from around the Africa Central region of PwC and in the UK. This provides our clients with the optimum mix of international experience together with local skills and understanding of the Nigerian business environment.


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Cyril Azobu

Cyril Azobu

Partner & Advisory Leader, PwC Nigeria

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