Centre stage: COVID-19 coping with the new normal

PwC insights on COVID-19

The first in a biweekly series that shows how Middle East CFOs and finance leaders plan to react to COVID-19 - and what impacts they expect to see.

Globally, we understand that every business is different, which is why we are closely tracking the sentiment and priorities of CFOs as they navigate the unprecedented disruption that COVID-19 has on their business.

Here we reveal the findings from our first CFO Pulse Survey, where 139 finance leaders from across the Middle East provide their views during a survey conducted during the week of 5 April.

We will continue to assess regional CFO sentiment and priorities on a biweekly basis.


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In the current situation, authorities and society require rapid assistance. Within the framework of the German Federal government's hackathon, a team consisting of PwC, Strategy&, IXDS as well as SIS Software GmbH designed the "WirGegenCorona" app to help contain COVID-19 – a project realized in less than 48 hours.

The app is designed to help scientifically analyze the spread of the virus and provide citizens with targeted information so that they can protect themselves and others. We have relied on already existing technology, so that the app can be deployed nationwide in a very short time. The app can be set up in a few seconds and the approval to assess geodata is requested directly.

The "WirGegenCorona" app includes a mobility analysis, a location-based notification (also in case of risk of infection), a help option, "points of interest" information (such as current visitor densities of relevant facilities), the recording of health parameters and a possible "pass" variant based on the French model.

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Seven habits of work-life balance

Covid 19 put a lot of pressure on all working individuals, and interfered with work life balance. PwC Middle East Created the 7 Habits of Work-Life Balance to help it's people navigate through these pressing times….

Does your Organization adhere to such practices?

Remote working charter: 12 things we value

Illustration of a home building
Illustration of working from a couch at home

1. Division between work and personal time

Just because we can be connected 24/7, doesn't mean that we should be. We respect personal time and needs.

2. Home life

Kids. Pets. Noise. Distractions. We all have it, no need to apologise for it.

3. Virtual etiquette

Virtual etiquette that aligns with physical etiquette. High engagement, limited multitasking, no phones, and the understanding that people will turn their cameras on when they can.

4. Human connection

Human connection, the fostering of strong relationships, empathy, care and consideration for each other's wellbeing. From top to bottom and from virtual coffees to lunch breaks; we check in, we catch up, we stay connected.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility and the understanding that one size does not fit all. Working remotely often comes with additional responsibilities and flex time can be considered to accommodate everyone's needs. Communication with your team is key.

6. Dressing for your day

The idea is to look presentable and feel your best self. Client meeting: business attire. Team meeting: dress comfortably.

7. Transparency & trust amongst team members

That everyone is committed to and accountable for their performance, wherever they are and irrespective of face time.

8. The power of virtual

The power of virtual, giving a voice to everyone equally, and enhancing the quality and richness of conversation through tapping into diverse opinions and subject matter experts from around the region and the world.

9. Meetings with a purpose

We respect each other's time, busy schedules and the understanding that not everything has to be a meeting.

10. Team alignment

Team alignment on goals, expectations, preferred ways of working and communicating, and the time needed for each team member to recharge and remain productive.

11. Upholding of standards

Quality, security, confidentiality and exceptional service for our clients and the firm.

12. Togetherness

Togetherness, even when apart. We're all in this together.

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