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PwC Korea’s Market Development and Expansion Team support foreign companies seeking to enter or build their business in the Korean market. We have bilingual, experienced, and connected consultants who have worked for multiple companies across a variety of sectors as their so called ‘feet on the ground,’ to develop and execute their market entry strategy. We support everything from reports to determine the feasibility, synergy or potential of opportunities, the setup of an office, establishment of a call centre, sale or license of a technology or service, as well as helping to secure a partner, investor, or acquisition target.

The Korean market has many opportunities for foreign companies in a variety of sectors such as energy, consumer electronics, biotech, retail, digital and more. Like any market, there are challenges to overcome which include its unique local business culture, local regulations, and language and whilst there are great partners in the market, it is not easy to understand and navigate these challenges, so our team is here to support you.

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