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We’ve worked across transactions in many different shapes and sizes and understand the dynamics of the deals in middle market to larger small businesses. Our Private M&A team translates deal uncertainty to help you deliver optimal value.

The key message from our clients
  • How do I find the best M&A opportunity to unlock growth for my company?
  • How do I find and know it is the right investor for my business?
  • How do I know whether a buyout is the right choice for my company?
How we can support you
  • Buy-side advisory
    • Help you identify the right merger or acquisition to bolster your business strategy
    • Provide expert advice in financing strategies
    • Post-merger integration services to value creation post-close or exit
  • Sell-side advisory
    • Help you to determine the right strategic priorities to maximize value
    • Help you to find the right buyer or investor with deep technical knowledge and expertise
    • Providing expert advice throughout the deal lifecycle under strict confidentiality


Finance Raising

As a leading firm with unmatched experience in transactions for realizing equity value and establishing strategic business alliance to achieve business development objectives, Samil PwC understands that the complexity and level of commitment associated with these arrangements cannot be underestimated. We are here to provide you with expert advice throughout the transaction cycle.

The key message from our clients
  • How can I successfully raise finance for business development other than loans? And what is the best way?
  • Where can I find partnerships that can lead to outperformance and competitive advantage?
How we can support you
  • Help you to determine the right strategic priorities to maximize value
  • Help you to find the right investor
  • Support throughout the negotiation phase to focus principles and synergy development

Listed Company Deal Advisory

M&A advisory for listed companies is highly risky by nature due to the complexity of interests, involvement of various market players, and risks arising from M&A failure. In particular, there has been an increase in failed M&As and delisting post-deal in recent years. Monitoring by supervisory authorities has also become increasingly comprehensive.

Samil PwC is unparalleled in terms of its listed company M&A expertise and know-how, understanding of relevant regulations, and vast network. Samil PwC provides the following services to listed companies.

  • Increase in company value through strategic analysis (Value Maximization)
  • Selection of optimal transaction counterparties via thorough analysis of the industry and company
  • Reference check of counterparties through the utilization of vast network
  • Advise on potential disputes pre and post M&A

Samil PwC utilizes its experts specialized in listed company M&A to advise its clients on successful execution of deals.

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