Advise on synergy optimization and dispute resolution among shareholders

Given recent changes in the capital markets, including rising market complexity and abundancy of liquidity, the relationship between shareholders of listed companies as well as the business environment has also changed.

In particular, micro and macro business environments are rapidly changing as a result of strengthening of minority shareholder rights through the introduction of the auditor appointment regulation (3% Rule) and electronic voting system, changes in interests between the largest shareholder and major shareholders, conflicts of interest arising from the expansion of new investors, etc.

Samil PwC possesses market leading experts who have significant work experience and are best positioned to preemptively identify weaknesses in a company’s stability and develop measures to address these issues.

  • Diagnosis of risks to managerial rights given current governance structure
  • Identification and countermeasures against risks to managerial rights
  • Advise on governance structure for stable management
  • Proactive establishment and execution of strategies for stable management
  • Development of dispute countermeasures and strategy
  • Optimization of synergies

Samil PwC provides holistic solutions to listed companies by utilizing its seasoned experts specializing in resolving various issues that may arise among shareholders as well as issues pertaining to managerial rights and corporate governance.

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