Capital Project and Infrastructure & Energy, Utilities and Mining

For ten years, Samil’s Capital Project and Energy Advisory Service has been pioneering the fields of real estate, infrastructure, and energy. That’s why we’re recognized as industry leaders in real and alternative investments advisory services.

We offer experienced and comprehensive help by spotting the risks and harnessing the opportunities throughout the transaction process in the field of Capital Project, Energy and SOC.

Samil can help you to reach your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Capital project and infrastructure
  • PwC assist clients in both the public and private sectors to plan, manage and deliver large scale capital projects.
  • PwC combines engineering and finance skills, to serve the full asset lifecycle of capital projects and infrastructure.
Capital project & Energy
  • CP&E of Samil PwC comprises of capital projects and energy experts assisting clients in both the public and private sectors. 
  • Our experts advise clients from the economic assessment of the large capital project, including energy sectors to infrastructure, to delivery of the project. In addition, our professional service focuses on feasibility of energy sourcing (oil, gas coal, solar, etc.) 
Energy, utilities and mining
  • Globalization and the need for a secure, affordable energy supply go hand-in-hand. Economic development is dependent on sufficient sources of energy—oil, gas, electricity, coal, alternative fuels and others. 
  • PwC has been providing professional services to energy, utilities, and mining companies for more than 100 years.

Infra & finance

Infrastructure & finance group offers experienced and comprehensive help for planning, financing, restructuring, and M&A of private investment projects.

Some of our clients include Ministry of Economy and Finance, Korea Development Institute, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

Recently, we’ve provided an increasing number of services to FI and construction firms on infrastructure investments abroad. We also offer financial and TS advisory services in Group Energy, New and Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Terminal, and Real Estate Funds.

  • Global infrastructure & PPP
    We provide investment structuring/planning, financial/accounting advisory services, business planning, and investment feasibility analysis across the global infrastructure & PPP industry.
  • SOC (including BTO-rs, BTO-a)
    We provide governmental negotiation support, financial/accounting/tax related advisory services, M&A, refinancing, and restructuring advisory services throughout the SOC process.
  • Power & Heat
    We provide local and global fossil fuel power generation, combined LNG power generation, new & renewable energy (solar, wind, ESS-related, biomass, cogeneration, waste) business feasibility analyses and M&A and financial advisory services.
  • Infrastructure financing
    We provide early-stage business/finance structuring and financial advisory services in the field of New & Renewable Energy and Infrastructure tailored to your needs.
  • Alternative investment
    We provide financial advisory services in a variety of alternative investment fields including aerospace, LNG terminal, oil depot, industrial estate development, resort development & M&A, and overseas real estate project financing.

Real estate & finance

With professional expertise and a broad yet deep understanding of the real estate and finance industry, real estate & finance group is always on the lookout for potential real estate project opportunities.

We offer a one-stop service from project planning, market & demand analysis, business feasibility analysis, project management, financing, to follow-up management.

  • Real estate financial advisory service
    Based on our experience with FDD, FS and PM tasks, we provide the ideal financial advisory service tailored to your needs.
  • Real estate deal advisory service
    Based on our deep fluency in advising business, commercial, and leisure facilities, and a deep understanding of indirect investment funds, we provide comprehensive advisory services according to your needs, from searching for investors to closing the deal.
  • Real estate development advisory service
    From public project financing to urban development, renewal, and maintenance, we provide business planning, business feasibility analysis, and structuring services across real estate sectors.
  • Corporate structured finance advisory service
    We offer financial advisory services in risk management for your continued growth, such as utilizing corporate-held real estate and AR to decrease liquidity risks and engage in refinancing.

Energy group

Consisting of our very best energy professionals, Energy group can help you with both traditional, fossil-fuel energy and new and renewable energy, and with both up-stream and down-stream. 

  • Energy(oil & gas) advisory service
    We provide comprehensive advisory services on traditional fossil fuel & gas mining, and shale gas. Some of our clients include Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Gas Corporation, energy-related corporations, asset management firms, and private equity funds.
  • Power & utilities advisory service
    We provide advisory services across diverse fields, ranging from thermal energy & power plants to solar & hydroelectric power. Some of our clients include Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO) and local IPP businesses.
  • Mining advisory service
    We provide advisory services to Korea Resources Corporation, energy-related corporations, asset management firms, and private equity funds on projects regarding iron ore, tungsten, nickel, copper, and lithium.

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