Tax Compliance

Global regulatory environments are evolving quickly, and as a result, corporate governance for tax & accounting issues have come under much more attention. Due to the requirement for increased visibility of accounting and tax processes and controls, this is increasing the level of accountability placed on the finance and tax departments.

That’s why we’ve reimagined what best in class compliance looks like. Fully integrating and automating the process across taxes and territories, reducing disruptions and giving you time back.

From analysing and reporting, to the way we build our team around yours. We plug into your way of working – making it easier to comply without missing a beat.

We can assist you in understanding the tax implications associated with transactions by assessing the tax liabilities of your organisation as part of our accounting services and audit services.

From complexity to opportunity

More tax return complexity? Less available talent?

More insights from your data? Less available capital?

More regulatory changes? Less time to manage it and find value?

In a world where tax is more important than ever, your regulatory requirements shouldn’t be a burden.

Discover our Compliance services

What we offer

  • Preparation and submission of the annual Corporate Income Tax

  • Preparation and submission of the monthly withholding tax and stamp duty returns

  • Assistance in the fulfillment of other tax obligations

  • myDATA related services; preparation or review of the required tax mapping tables and advisory and supporting services in relation to the monthly compliance of the Company regarding myDATA obligations.

  • Preparation and signing of Financial Statements

  • Ad-hoc tax advisory services

  • Tax Controls Reviews (TCR)

  • Tax Diagnostic Reviews (TDR)

How we support you

PwC in Greece is the leader in the business service sector in our country, with more than 1.200 professionals in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Our professionals with legal and financial expertise and experience in different sectors of the private business are available to provide a wide range of services. In this respect, our services:

  • Support on fiscal audits and annual tax audit certificates.
  • Specialist Tax Advice
  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Communication of tax developments

Our clients are already seeing the benefits. “Two-way feedback and visibility between compliance and advisory mean observations and risks are escalated and organisational priorities and responses can be reflected quickly in ongoing practice.”

Expect a better experience

When we work with you we commit to delivering a simpler, faster, smarter experience. It means a passionate team of solvers, powered by smarter tech – for an entirely different type of compliance experience. One with the power to simplify tax and accelerate business.

The overall value you benefit from

Fast Results

Get a fast start to identify and realize benefits quickly!

  • Through our extensive experience we understand how benefits can be identified quickly and avoid pitfalls preventing benefits realization.
  • Our team is ready to design the new structure, enabling you to realize efficiency quickly.

An Experienced Team

  • A senior team with extensive knowledge of delivering integrated tax and accounting services.

  • We will draw upon the general resources and expertise of PwC global practice.

  • We have direct communication with the tax authorities to obtain comfort on unclear matters.

Tailormade Support

  • We are independent and have the capability to help you implement an agreed roadmap.

  • Formal commitment to achieving objectives.

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Angelos Benos

Angelos Benos

Partner, Tax | Consumer - Industrial Products & Services (CIPS) Leader, PwC Greece

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Michalis Markogiannakis

Michalis Markogiannakis

Director, Tax & Legal, Head of Tax Compliance, PwC Greece

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