Deals in Greece 2015

In 2015, 29 Mergers & Acquistions (M&A) deals of €1.4bn total value were completed, marking a 39% drop compared to 2014. This decline can be attributed to the persistent economic instability in Greece.

Within 2015, there were two national elections, a referendum, a bank holiday, the imposition of capital controls and the signing of the third agreement with the creditors.

The Greek economy is still under a lot of pressure, but appears resilient. “Anno Horibilis” 2015, transaction wise, undoubtedly minimised M&A activity.

Key points:

  • Economic outlook: Greek economy still under a cloud of uncertainty
  • M&A Transactions: 29 M&A transactions involving Greek companies in 2015 raised €1.4bn
  • Share Capital Increases & Bond Issues: Bank SCIs raised €6.5bn. During 2015, only one corporate bond was issued
  • European M&A highlights: Top 20 announced deals in Europe reached €584bn
  • M&A Dynamics for 2016: There is a backlog of transactions. M&A deals in 2016 may exceed €7bn
  • Conclusions: 2015 was a poor year for M&As but 2016 will be substantially better

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