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Originating deals, creating deals, executing deals and realising results from a deal, is what we do everyday.

If you are looking for faster growth, stronger capabilities, a competitive edge or are in need of a dramatic transformation, come and talk to us. We bring to the table a truly connected global network of industry experienced deal advisors coupled with data-driven insights that help to support more confident decisions.

No matter what business stage you are at, our focus on value is what will help you succeed throughout the deal lifecycle.


During the last 16 years, the transaction advisory team of PwC Estonia has:

  • More than 200 financial due diligence projects
  • Advised nearly 50 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) 
  • Nearly 200 valuations and financial modelling projects 
  • 10+ capital markets IPO and bond projects
  • More than 150 other financial consulting, structuring, modeling or other business and corporate finance related projects

A strong international network

We operate locally, but we are part of an international Corporate Finance network, which consists of 2,500 professionals worldwide. Our local expertise, international network and sector specialists ensure your success.


A sizeable and wide-ranging network which ensures an understanding of and contact with both small and large businesses in all the countries PwC operates.

Transaction experience

A very significant number of completed transactions which make sure that our services are based on extensive experience and up-to-date market knowledge.


We can offer a full range of financial, accounting, due diligence and tax services along with deep sector expertise.


We do not offer financial instruments; hence, we have an independent perspective on financing and capital structure.

A selection of our services

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Our transaction advisory team has more than 15 years of experience advising both local and cross-border transactions and we will assist you at any stage of the transaction or related matter - whether you want to attract investors, exit ownership or expand through acquisitions. We cover the entire transaction cycle in both the sales and purchase process. In addition to financial experts, PwC also has an experienced team of legal and tax advisers to resolve any potential transaction-related issues. Our local team in Estonia is supported by the PwC global network that provides easy access to international investors and potential investment targets, and provides our team with regular know-how of best practices in the world. 

Our range of M&A services:

  • Managing the sales or purchasing process
  • Value analysis
  • Advising on a transaction strategy
  • Management consulting
  • Coordination of transaction communication
  • Searching, mapping and establishing contacts for investment objects or investors
  • Leading the negotiation of a sales or purchase process 
  • Analysis of bids in the sales process 
  • Analysis of investment objects
  • Tax and legal advice and other supporting activities necessary for a successful transaction

Due Diligence

If you are looking to acquire a business, the PwC team can help with carrying out the due diligence of business activities. In the course of in-depth analysis of the company's finances we will prepare an overview of the key financial and business issues of the company you are acquiring, to increase your understanding of the assets you are buying, help you structure the deal and, in turn, improve your negotiating position. The analysis can also be one input for pricing a transaction.

  • Range of due diligence areas:
  • Analysis of a company's normalized (sustainable) profitability
  • Turnover and profitability analysis (different dimensions: periods, goods/services, markets, customers, etc.)
  • Cost analysis (long-term adequacy, structure)
  • Analysis  of working capital (seasonality, structure, adequacy/financing need, etc.)
  • Inventory analysis (structure, expiration, turnover rate)
  • Analysis of the company's net debt level
  • Identification of off-balance sheet liabilities 
  • Analysis of turnover and profitability
  • Analysis of assets and liabilities, including an overview of aging of receivables
  • Cash flow analysis, including capital expenditure
  • Evaluation of the accuracy of historical forecasts and the bases and assumptions of forecasts.


We advise you on the valuation of various assets, including shares, intangible assets and property, plant and equipment as well as entire companies or their units. Asset valuation can help with the company's buying or selling process, structuring, litigation, and other corporate decisions.

Selection of services and activities:

  • Valuation of property and preparation of valuation report
  • Selection and consultation of evaluation methodology
  • Development of an evaluation model
  • Commenting and advising on forecasts made
  • Review/analysis of the evaluation report
  • Methodological consultancy in the field of valuation
  • Advice on the use of market and sector-specific information

Post-merger integration

We will assist you with post-merger integration to effectively capitalise on the synergies arising from the merger and to identify and resolve business culture differences. During the post-merger consultation, our specialists will create an integration strategy that will enable the potential added value of the merger to be realised quickly and to the maximum.

Main activities within the service:

  • Mapping and assessing synergies arising from business mergers
  • Creating an integration strategy
  • Creating communication plans, business culture integration plans, functional integration plans and bottom-up synergy plans 
  • Support in the creation of a detailed communication plan
  • Management advisory during the transition period
  • Preparation of materials to support risk management and decision making

Other consultancy services

Our specialists, in partnership with the PwC global network, support you in advising on the transaction’s various stages as well as on other aspects of corporate finance and financial analysis.

Other services offered:

  • Purchase Price Analysis (PPA)
  • Private-Public Partnership Projects (PPPs)
  • Economic impact analysis and market research
  • Financial modeling
  • Economic analysis of disputes and special control
  • Capital markets

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